Cruzing For Jewish Contributors

Boycott the Sands until Adleson pays taxes of Christian churches, and pays for the pilrimage of poor Christians to the Holy Land. He can fly them out of Vegas.

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Ted Cruz launched his campaign from the bastion of the Evangelical Empire of Chaos. Liberty university was founded by Jerry Farwell. Ted’s father is a prophet of sorts. Ted said; “God, not men, makes rights!” He also said our God-chosen President “boycotted the leader of Israel.” This goes with the insult from McCain saying our elected President should “get over it” and be Netanyahu’s pal.

The question I put forth, and I hope others will follow my lead, is, do evangelical Republicans believe the God of the Jews in Israel, and elsewhere, is the same as their God, and if so, did the God of the Jews condone the many acts of terrorism that led to the founding of the State of Israel wherein many God-made rights were made, such as the right to free medical.

Jewish terrorists launched terrorists attacks outside of Israel. Ted Cruz is invoking the name…

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