Zionists Murder U.N. Representaive

If the Zionist State of Israel was created to give all Jews an IDENTITY, then, there is an admittance they did not HAVE AN IDENTITY. If the Zionist State of Israel was created to give all Jews a SAFE HAVEN, then there is an admittance they had NO SAFE HAVEN. We are talking about the IDEA OF HOME. That idea no longer exists, because all the Jews of Israel have taken part in devastating the people camped in their living room. They are there because the Zionists Jews – not only ignored the UN Report written 75 years ago – they assassinated the man who wrote it. He concluded there would never be peace between the Jews and the Arabs. Bernadott did not conclude the Jews have no right to exist. He simply stated the facts, and told the truth.

Cruzing For Jewish Contributors | Rosamond Press

This morning the world asks, what is a Jew? Who is a Jew? Why is a Jew? Like other displaced people, like blacks in America, and, the Turnverein Germans, the homeland is lost to them. The Forty-Eighters lost to the Habsburg army. They then helped free the slaves by fighting in the devastating Civil War that left Atlanta ruined, and in flames.

Zionists Sought Hitler’s Help | Rosamond Press

“After huddling at home during Israel’s 11-day bombardment of Gaza, the shock of seeing houses and other buildings destroyed after yet another conflict tempered Palestinian joy that this round of fighting was over.

“It’s like a tsunami,” said Abu Ali, standing next to a heap of rubble that had been a 14-storey tower in Gaza City.

“How can the world call itself civilised? This is a war crime. We are ruled by laws of the jungle,” he said on Friday, hours after a truce was declared.

Commercial buildings, residential towers and private houses across the Palestinian enclave that is home to 2 million people were damaged or destroyed by the time Israel and Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas announced Friday’s ceasefire.

‘Like a tsunami’: Gazans emerge to see the damage after fighting ends (msn.com)

Rosamond Press

There are eight million Jews in Israel. Consider the population of Manhattan. Why are we Americans spending our tax dollars on creating a Fake Jewish State founded on murder and terrorism? We all got an identity crisis thanks to the Trumpites forcing the elderly on Medicare to go work? How many Jews lost their lives fighting Iraq? Four. All Jews get free medical. Orthodox Jews hate Christians on pilgrimage. Adelson knows this. He is turning Las Vegas into a Red State Republican Party Funding For the  Jewish Mafia Racket that renders poor Americans – even poorer! Food stamps are being taken away from children – and Adelson knows it. At the same time he puts well fed American Jews on jets, for a ten day all expenses paid vacation in Israel. Is this payback? Adelson might be the true leader of our Democracy. I have encountered Zionist Trolls, that Putin…

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