Israel Conspired To Shut Down U.S. Government

Boycott all of Adelson’s hotel-casinos until he pays the taxes of the Christian churches in Jersualem.

Rosamond Press



The world now knows that Nentanyahu and the hawks of Israel are allied with the Christian Co-terrorist Party of Neo-Confederates who have shut down our government and withhold funding for Homeland Security. These -Neo-Confederates are worshipping the firing on Fort Sumter, an act of traitorous terrorism that began the Civil War. Ten thousand Jews fought to keep slavery. They were the ISIS of their day. Here is a list of terrorist acts that the Zionist Jews introduced to the Levant that led to a full blow sectarian war in the Middle East. Evangelicals applaud this murderous chaos.

Jon Presco

During the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine against the Mandatory Palestine, the militantZionist group Irgun carried out 60 attacks against Palestinian people and the British Army.[1] Irgun was described as a terrorist organization byThe New York Times,[2][3] the Anglo-American…

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