Zionist Jews Allied With Hitler

The Jews lost Judea in their war with Rome. Jews wiped out the Cannanites in order to take over this land. There is no “birthight”. Native Americans lost their wars with U.S. Troops. Hitler helped the Jews return in order to hurt the British. Adelson and Trump are like Nazi leaders. Boycott their hotels. Give your gambling money to the Democrats. “Hitler himself personally reviewed this entire issue in early 1938 and, in spite of his long-standing skepticism of Zionist ambitions and misgivings that his policies might contribute to the formation of a Jewish state, decided to support Jewish migration to Palestine even more vigorously. The prospect of ridding Germany of its Jews, he concluded, outweighed the possible dangers. /29

Rosamond Press


Bolstered by the End Time Evangelical Zionist lawmakers, Nentanyahu changed Israeli-American policy in order to get elected. He and his confederates insulted the office of the United States of America, and in tandem with neo-Confederate lawmakers celebrated in front of the world their belief they rendered the Commander-in-Chief impotent during his crucial War with ISIS.

The Zionist Jews of Germany formed  coalition with the Nazis in order to be returned to Judea and found a Jewish state. Some Zionist offered to murder British soldiers in order to help Hitler’s dreams come true. The Zionist Hawks have helped the South rise again.  These racists work together to suppress forty-five million black voters.

Jon Presco


“I know what I said a few days ago damaged Israel’s Arabs. I had no intention of it. I’m sorry for that.”

– Benjamin Netanyahu

White House spokesman Josh Earnest warned that the foundation for its policy for supporting Israel had…

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