Cruzing For Jewish Contributors

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Ted Cruz launched his campaign from the bastion of the Evangelical Empire of Chaos. Liberty university was founded by Jerry Farwell. Ted’s father is a prophet of sorts. Ted said; “God, not men, makes rights!” He also said our God-chosen President “boycotted the leader of Israel.” This goes with the insult from McCain saying our elected President should “get over it” and be Netanyahu’s pal.

The question I put forth, and I hope others will follow my lead, is, do evangelical Republicans believe the God of the Jews in Israel, and elsewhere, is the same as their God, and if so, did the God of the Jews condone the many acts of terrorism that led to the founding of the State of Israel wherein many God-made rights were made, such as the right to free medical.

Jewish terrorists launched terrorists attacks outside of Israel. Ted Cruz is invoking the name of God and inicing Jews to give him money to run for office.

Jon Presco


After the war, the Irgun General Headquarters decided to renew activity in Europe and to launch a “second front”. The task was assigned to Yaakov Tavin, who was smuggled there aboard an Italian oil-tanker. The first base was established in Italy, where there were more than a thousand organized Betarites (Betar members), who had arrived with the flood of Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe, Germany and Austria. Among the Betarites were several members of the “cells” the Irgun had established in Poland and Lithuania in the late 1930s, and they formed the nucleus of the Italian branch of the Irgun. Irgun cells were also organized in the British zone in Germany, under Isaac Raviv.

After organization and consolidation, it was decided to commence operational activity, and the first target selected was the British Embassy in Rome. Preparations were protracted, and the planners made every effort to prevent civilian casualties. On the night of October 31, 1946, three young men set out from a pension in the city with two suitcases. They entered a waiting taxi, and drove to the Embassy, which they reached after midnight and unloaded the cases. After setting the time fuse, they propped the two suitcases against the main door of the building and left the area. At 2:46 am, there was a loud explosion and the central section of the building was destroyed. The explosion was heard throughout the city and windows were broken within a radius of one kilometer. The sole casualties were two Italians who had been passing by on their way home from a nearby night club.

The incident made a strong impression throughout the world. The British press reported the incident in detail, and the public was greatly shocked. Emergency measures were adopted in London; security was increased around government ministries, senior politicians were guarded, and orders were given to tighten security in British embassies in European capitals.

As a result of British pressure, the Italian police conducted widespread arrests among Betar members, including Yisrael Epstein, who had arrived several days previously from Palestine on a mission from the Irgun General Headquarters. Some of those arrested were released after interrogation, but others remained in custody for months. Epstein feared that the Italians would hand him over to the British and decided to escape. He used bribes to get drugs smuggled into his cell with which to drug the guards before escaping by rope.


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    Boycott the Sands until Adleson pays taxes of Christian churches, and pays for the pilrimage of poor Christians to the Holy Land. He can fly them out of Vegas.

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