Born in the Wilderness

I am compiling the history of Withersppon and Rosamond Patriots in order to save the Presbyterian Church, and have it be known as ‘The Church of Patriots’.

Rosamond Press

The United States of America was born in the wilderness with the help of Francis Salvador a Sephardic Jew who claim they are kin to the House of David, and thus, they are born to rule the coming Kingdom of God?

There is a good chance Francis Salvador was killed by the same Cherokee Indians that attacked the home of John Hodges while he was off fighting the British in the Revolutionary War. Salvador rode off to warn his fellow Patriots of the Native American uprising. Dorothy Hodges was taken hostage by a chief, and born him a son in the wilderness. Dorothy Hodges may be my great, great, grandmother, she allegedly married James Rosamond. Her seventeen year od son went back into the wilderness to live with his father.

At least five members of the Hodge family fought under Captain Samuel Rosamond who was a scout for the Francis…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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