Destroy Evangelical Cult


Last night I dreamed  God wants me to destroy the Evangelical Cosmology, because it is hurting many people, and condones the Nashi movement. This the first of several posts.

Children are too young to be indoctrinated into any Christian Cult.  This is a new cult, that does not follow traditions. Homophobic  Evangelical Propagandists have entered the earthly political arena  and are hell-bent on getting children to surrender to the Republican party that was co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont. Jesus and Paul told the early christens to forsake worldly things, because the kingdom of God is coming, soon. When it was a no-show, many sects were formed with new approaches.

The children above are competing with one another. They are performers trying to please the pastor and their parents for an ambiguous reward from a heavenly father that can be mistaken for a world leader, many who claims Jesus is speaking through them.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Evangelicalism (/ˌiːvænˈdʒɛlɪkəlˌɪzəm, ˌɛvən-/), evangelical Christianity, or evangelical Protestantism,[a] is a worldwide, trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity which maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ‘s atonement.[1][2] Evangelicals believe in the centrality of the conversion or the “born again” experience in receiving salvation, in the authority of the Bible as God‘s revelation to humanity, and in spreading the Christian message. The movement has had a long presence in the Anglosphere before spreading beyond it in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Its origins are usually traced to 1738, with various theological streams contributing to its foundation, including English Methodism, the Moravian Church (in particular its bishop Nicolaus Zinzendorf and his community at Herrnhut), and German Lutheran Pietism. Preeminently, John Wesley and other early Methodists were at the root of sparking this new movement during the First Great Awakening. Today, evangelicals are found across many Protestant branches, as well as in various denominations not subsumed to a specific branch.[3] Among leaders and major figures of the evangelical Protestant movement were John Wesley, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, Billy Graham, Harold John Ockenga, John Stott and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The movement gained great momentum during the 18th and 19th centuries with the Great Awakenings in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The United States has the largest concentration of evangelicals in the world. Based mostly in the Bible Belt, US evangelicals are a quarter of the nation’s population and politically important.[4] In the United Kingdom, evangelicals are represented mostly in the Methodist Church, Baptist communities, and among evangelical Anglicans.

Evangelicalism, a major part of popular Protestantism,[b] is among the most dynamic religious movements in the contemporary world.[5] While evangelicalism is on the rise globally, developing countries have particularly embraced it; there it is the fastest growing portion of Christianity.

On April 9, 2012, I received an e-mail from Kendall W. Corbin, the brother of my long term friend, Edward Malcom Corbin. Their father was the head of the Mayo Clinic and has two citations in Who’s Who. Kendall Brooks Corbin, married Eryl Portia Wallace, the daughter of Emilie Susan Cavanagh, who married Robert Bruce Wallace. Portia descends from the infamous William Wallace, and it looks like, Robert Bruce. But what I am interested in is Portia’s kinship to Francis Cavanagh, a member of the Plymouth Brethren.

At Ed Corbin’s house I read about twenty pages on the Cavanagh family containing letters which mentioned the Plymouth Brethren throughout. Those papers Ed owned, got missplaced. When I spoke to Kendall on the phone, he said he would look for them. but, having just moved, this might take awhile.

“Francis Cavenagh (1810‐1875) and his wife Susan Prince (1812‐1885) were
parents of: (1) William Cavenagh (b. 1840), who became a banker; (2) Frank (most
likely Francis?) Cavenagh (b. 1842), who became a Plymouth Brethren missionary
on the Shetland Islands;”

There exist much controversy about the Brethren and their ties to John Darby who is being accused of inventing the Rapture Tribulation – now considered a heresy. He based this new religion on the visions of a fifteen year old girl kin to members of the Brethren – who may have owned the God Gene.

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