Trump Creates False Religion

Trump has created a Secular-Religion based upon the lies of Paul Weyrich and Bob Jones. I believe our President has a Christ-Complex. I suspect Lindsey Graham is aware.

Exilarchs and Huguenots of South Carolina

cw_princess_diana1 dot

25 Jul 2001, Blenheim Palace Gardens, Oxfordshire, England, UK --- Marlborough Hedge Maze at Blenheim Palace Gardens --- Image by © Skyscan/Corbis


Yesterday I began a long letter to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. I posted on his facebook some of my family history, and, gave my opinion of the Pro-Life movement that Lindsey supports. America is in a great crisis due to the adoption of false means to esteem ourselves. Using aborted fetuses, banning immigrants, being a racist that appeals to the most ignorant citizens, and, threatening to go to war with friends and foes alike, is all the rage amongst the Republicans who claim they are the defenders of Family Values and Christian history and morals. With the election of a immoral President, who is being guided by racist Svengali, our Democracy is experiencing an identity crisis, that is exacerbated by the election of a black President. Black people want to refine their core identity as it exists in white society. Then there is the gay community.

I am in a unique position to emphasize the history of two States, Oregon and South Carolina due to the ancestors in my family tree. The progenitor of the Rosamond family was allegedly a Huguenot, who were religious exiles. They played a vital role in the migration and colonization of South Carolina, along with the Sephardic Jews who were the Exilarchs, that sustained the lineage of King David outside Judea. The Queen of England descends from the Exilarchs.

President Trump appears to be on a course to pay back the evangelical Zionists who voted for him, who call for the rebuilding of the Temple by the Branch of David. To this end, thirty million Republican evangelicals are feeling empowered with a fantastic superhuman identity that sets them apart from fellow Americans, and their Fellow Man. Many of them are becoming aware they are severely dividing this Democracy. I am going to propose to Lindsey that he and elected leaders of the State of Oregon, form a bond that returns us to sanity. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness begins when we stop worrying about the bombastic ranting of a co-terrorist. We have a right not to worry, and be worried, without probable cause. The Bowling Green Lie, TRUMPS the ride of Paul Revere.

As I type, demonstrations are ending in Britain against Trump. Brits are demanding Trump not visit Queen Elizabeth, or, enter the City of London. There is a commission that is going to honor the late Princess Diana, that I place in the center of the Labyrinth, for the Queen will not live forever. There is talk about Prince Charles not being anointed King, and William wearing the crown, that I have linked to King David. Pope Francis is in a crisis over the Knights of Malta. The real world is about to make a Great Move. The tail of the Dragon will wipe these rising false stars out of  heaven. They will be cast down.

The book ‘Jews and Muslims in Colonial America: A Genealogical History’ is a good read, as it suggests God’s Providence is not what many want it to be. We have been more inclusive than, exclusive. To magnify the times we have not gotten along, is to be a historic bully, whose intention is not to let others play at all. President Trump does not know how to punt the ball, or, kick-off after one has scored. Three strikes, you’re out! Three outs retires the side. There are new and better games to be invented. A leader who invites everyone to play on the playing field, is a bright being compared to the leader who strings out barbed wire, and throws broken glass about.

Then there are the KEEP OUT signs. Name me one ship full of refugees heading for the New World, saw this sign, and turned for home. Trump and Bannon believe themselves to be innovators. These crazy men stand before a herd of stampeding buffalo, hold out their raised arm, and shout as one;


Do I hear the sound of bagpipes coming over the hill? And look there! Upon the sea; the ships of  Sir Francis Drake and Captain Hawkins who would turn towards home to defend Queen Elizabeth from the Spanish Armada. All these men. All this history, belongs to all who make it to our shores, for Courage is their Guide and their Passport, and, hopefully not Greed.


However, Drake and Hawkins began the slave trade that the first Elizabeth put her stamp on. Charles Quint and his Conquistedors had looted much gold in the New World and was building a large fleet bent on beheading the first Protestant Queen. There were Muslim captains finding a home in America. The Sephardic Jews were slave traders. The Rosamond and Witherspoon families owned slaves in South Carolina. Do we need to exalt the racism of wanna-be Rednecks down in the Red States under the guise of making America great again. Repent! There exist much room for improvement! Greed has brought out the worst in us. Being humble does not entail watching an extremely selfish and greedy man engorge himself, in hope he throws us a few scraps. When did this become a good idea? What happened to us!

In 1971 Dottie and I drove her 1969 Camero to Meher Baba’s retreat in Mrytle Beach South Carolina. Kittie Davies greeted us. Here is a amazing account of Baba’s visit to America in 1956. In California he is ridden around in a 1950 Ford Woodie. Is this when America was great? Take note of the greetings, the grateful hosts. There were so many wonderful and peaceful things. Baba had quit speaking, We can only pray he stop tweeting. Just this, and nothing more!

The complete video can be found by googling ‘Meher Baba USA 1956’. Baba visits Coit Tower, crosses the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods, and goes to Menlo Park. He was the Suburban Messiah and Avatar. Ten years earlier the world fought  a horrific war. Many asked why? United States Veterans enjoyed a prosperity the world had not seen. Their children were sent to the finest colleges and were allowed to ask questions. Then came the Vietnam War. Our leaders were told we were not SAFE, and we had to defeat these ancient Asian Peoples. Most Americans bought it. Many did not. America was great in 1964. Our leaders did not lie to The People, like they do today!

Trump has praised Putin, and claimed we are “killers” like the Russians, who supplied jets and missiles to North Vietnam.

France may elect a Trumpist who claims she is protecting French culture from the Muslims. The Trumpist know nothing about culture and history. I have called this blog a Bohemian Archive, that in theory I place in the secret Mount Rushmore tunnel for safe keeping.

“Be worried! Never be happy!”

Jon Presco

“For the safety of the country, we’ll win.”

Federal agencies are already halting the implementation of the controversial order and travelers who had been denied entry began arriving in the U.S. on Saturday.

Throughout the day, Trump took to Twitter to complain about at the Seattle judge who halted his controversial executive order.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!” Trump tweeted, after writing several other tweets defending his immigration stance. He later added, “What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into U.S.?” following that several hours later with, “Why aren’t the lawyers looking at and using the Federal Court decision in Boston, which is at conflict with ridiculous lift ban decision?”


The Promised Land

“For his first birthday I promised my Grandson, Tyler Hunt, a kingdom. American
Democracy has awoken from the demonic spell put upon it. Let the celebration
On June 8, 2010, I got a call from a stranger, Samuel Josefa de Mattos, a
descendant of a famous Sephardic Jewish family. He said he had come across my
study on Rougeknights and said; “You appear to know more about my family then I

We talked about his ancestor, Francis Salvador who was killed by Indians. Samuel
said his kinfolk left the “Jews land” around the small town of Hodges due to the
hostile natives. The Rosamond family may have done the same, they moving to
Mississippi leaving their plantations behind. Did the de Mattos and the Rosmonds
know one another?

Samuel then informed me he had purchased sixty one acres near Plantation Point
that runs to the shore of Greenwood Lake. He had read about the “Jews land” the
Hodge family has once owned. He deliberately bought this land so it can be owned
by descendants of King David once again. I told Samuel about Samuel and James
Rosamond who fought under Francis Marion in the Revolutionary War. I asked for
permission to take my daughter and grandson to this land against owned by a
family whose genealogy is found in the Bible. Samuel replied;

“Jon, not only do you have my permission, but I am going to give you an acre of
this land!”

I felt faint. I could not believe what Samuel offered me, for it is the end of
my prophetic book, where I promise my grandson a kingdom, where I compare my
rosy story to the Sleeping Beauty Princess, named Rosamond. Here is the Return
of The King, in the Red Branch Knight prophecy to the Promised Land.
Here is what my great, great grandfather, James Rosamond says in his will;
To my three sons, Thomas, Benjamin, and Samuel, I leave the rest of my land; to
be divided equally amongst them and to be given to them as they come of age. I
allow my wife to have use of it while she lives, the tract of land that I now
live on. On her death, this land will be equally divided between Thomas,
Benjamin and Samuel.

That my acre will be next door to a descendant of King David whose kingdom the
Zionist Christians and Jews are trying to restore in Israel, is profound! In the
Peerage we read; Esther Montefiore is the daughter of Samuel Montefiore and
Grace de Mattos Mocatta.1 She married Judah Guedalla. This is the family of
Moses Montefiore whom Joaquin Miller built a pyramid monument to, suggesting he
was a moder day Moses! The new address of the New Promised Land is 339 Middleton
Road on the land known as Plantation Point. Was the Rosamond plantation located

I blessed Samuel and his family and when we said goodbye he called me “Brother”.

The Parthian Empire was an enduring empire based on a loosely configured system of vassal kings. This lack of a rigidly centralized rule over the empire had its drawbacks, such as the rise of a Jewish bandit-state in Nehardea (see Anilai and Asinai). Yet, the tolerance of the Arsacid dynasty was as legendary as the first Persian dynasty, the Achaemenids. There is even an account that indicates the conversion of a small number of Parthian vassal kings of Adiabene to Judaism. These instances and others show not only the tolerance of Parthian kings, but is also a testament to the extent to which the Parthians saw themselves as the heir to the preceding empire of Cyrus the Great. The Parthians were very protective of the Jewish minority as reflected in old Jewish saying “When you see a Parthian charger chained to a tombstone in the Land of Israel, the hour of the Messiah will be near”.

The Babylonian Jews wanted to fight in common cause with their Judean brethren against Vespasian; but it was not until the Romans waged war under Trajan against Parthia that they acted. To a large extent, the revolt of the Babylonian Jews meant that the Romans did not become masters of Babylonia. Philo speaks of the large number of Jews resident in that country, a population which was no doubt considerably swelled by new immigrants after the destruction of Jerusalem. Accustomed in Jerusalem from early times to look to the East for help, and aware, as the Roman procurator Petronius was, that the Jews of Babylon could render effectual assistance, Babylonia became with the fall of Jerusalem the very bulwark of Judaism. The collapse of the Bar Kochba revolt no doubt added to the number of Jewish refugees in Babylon.

Possibly it was recognition of services thus rendered by the Jews of Babylonia, and by the House of David in particular, that induced the Parthian kings to elevate the princes of the Exile, who till then had been little more than mere tax collectors, to the dignity of real princes, called Resh Galuta. Thus, then, the numerous Jewish subjects were provided with a central authority which assured an undisturbed development of their own internal affairs

In 1802 an American arrived in Amsterdam and sought to do business
with Ms.Texeira de Mattos. This was Francis Salvador’s eldest
daughter, Sussanah. She had married into the famous Jewish banking
family. Manuel Teixeira was a Sephardic Jew who followed the Jewish
Messiah, Shabbethal Ẓebi. Shabbethal was twenty two years old when he
declared he was the Messiah. Did he claim he could converse with
angels and predict the future? He died on Yom Kippur.

This un-named American wanted to purchase land in South Carolina that
was once owned by her father, the Jewish Revolutionary War Hero. She
consented to sell after this man told her no British subject could
own land in America after they won their Independence. This man
claimed he was the steward of Salvador’s grandson. Was this man
surnamed Hodge, or Rosamond?

The last male representative of the Salvador family was a member of
Lloyd’s of London and died about 1830. Francis Salvador lived on Lime
street where Llloyd’s is to this day. His father, Joseph, owned
100,000 acres in America he paid 2,000 sterling for. In 1745, the
Salvador came up with a million dollars to put down the Jacobite
rebellion ? in two days!

Shabbethal married a famous Jewish girl named Sarah who had a vision
she would marry the Messiah – when she was eight years old! He claims
he descends from the Exilarchs. Margarita de Castro Souza also
descends from the Exilarchs and is kin to the Nunez family, as is the
explorer, Balboa. Ponce de Leon was backed by his good friend Nuñez
de Guzmán. Columbas was backed by this family, also, that appears to
be Jewish. Margarita de Castro Souza married Jean de Neufchatel and
thus many who hold the surname, Rougemont, descend from her. The
Rougemonts co-founded Lloyd’s of London.

The Cross of the Order of Christ

Jose Antonio da Mata de Sousa Coutinho (b 1718), 10th Correio-Mor,
see above, was a Knight of the Order of Christ. The Knights of Christ
were founded in 1317, Papal Bull 1319, and were direct successors in
Portugal to the Knights Templar (founded 1119, suppressed 1312),
whose property in that country was transferred to them; in other
words, the Knights Templar simply changed their name. Only Catholics
of noble descent were admitted to the Order. The order continues to
exist today in Portugal as a state order of merit. There is also a
Papal Order of Christ

**The de Castro family, Counts of Monsanto, were one of the oldest
and noblest families in Spain who were connected by blood to the
royal family of Aragon. Violante de Castro (above) was the great-
great-great-grand-daughter of Pedro de Castro, 3rd Count of Monsanto
(1460-1529) who was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-
grandson of James I, King of Aragon. Violante de Castro carried this
royal blood into the Coronel/da Mata family so that about 150 years
after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 a Jewish family
married into the royal line of Aragon. The Coutinho family, Counts of
Marialva, were descended from Denis, King of Portugal (1269-1325),
via his illegitimate son, Alfonso Sanches (1289-1329). The 5th
Marquis of Marialva rebuilt the Palace of Seteais, Sintra, now a
luxury hotel. Note that in Portugal, for reasons that I am not
entirely clear about (but presumably because the ladies concerned
were heraldic heiresses), people often seemed to assume the names of
their mothers; thus the daughter of Lopo de Sousa Coutinho and his
wife, Joana de Castro, was called Violante de Castro. Sometime
children of the same parents have different surnames

*In 1540 a Luis Diaz, ‘the Messiah of Setubal’, Portugal, a poor,
uneducated shoemaker, claimed to be the rightful heir to King David’s
throne and made messianic claims. His pedigree from ancient Jewish
royalty was apparently known from his family’s records, who
were ‘Marranos’ or Hispanic Jews. The popularity of Luis Diaz caught
the attention of the Spanish Inquisition which arrested and burned
him at the stake in 1542

The heralds announce the arrival of the Exilarch on a visit to the
Caliph with the words “Make way for our Lord, the Son of David.”
(“Amilu tarik la Saidna ben Daud.”), as referred to by Benjamin of
Tudela in his ‘Book of Travels’ (1173). The Exilarch is presumably
the bearded figure (facing to the right) below the leftmost trumpet.
The Caliph is presumably sitting on the bench in the background, with
his harem on the left.

As Professor Haim Beinart has stated in ‘The Expulsion of the Jews
from Spain’ (p. 420), Don Abraham Senior was referred to in a letter
of 1487 from the Jews of Castile to the Jews of Rome and Lombardy
as ‘the Exilarch who is over us’. ‘Exilarch’ means ‘Prince of the
Captivity’ or ‘Head of the Exile’ (that is, de jure King of the Jews
in exile), a title dating from the Babylonian Exile of 597-538 BC
which appears to have survived in Mesopotamia until Tamerlane the
Great sacked Baghdad in 1401. The title was hereditary in and
exclusive to the House of David (see II Kings xxv. 27 and I
Chronicles iii. 17 et seq.) but was elective amongst the immediate
male members of that family and subject to rabbinic approval. Given
the fact that the title appears never to have been accorded to (or
used to describe) anyone not acknowledged by rabbinic authorities to
be of Davidic descent, and that the misuse of such a title would have
been most unlikely, it is reasonable to infer that Don Abraham was
descended from one of those branches of the House of David that have
been traced to Spain (see the Jewish Encylopedia).

Don Abraham Senior may actually have been an illegitimate child of a
member of either the Mendoza or Guzman families by a Jewish woman.

Charibert II, King of Aquitaine1

M, #21432, b. circa 602, d. 631
Father Clothaire II, King of Neustria & Austrasia1 b. 584, d. 629
Mother Haldetrude1 d. 604
     Charibert II, King of Aquitaine married Gisele of Gascony, daughter of Amaud of Gascony. Charibert II, King of Aquitaine was born circa 602.1 He died in 631.


Pedro Fernandez ‘the Warlike’ de Castro, Senor de Lemos, Monforte, & Sarria1,2,3,4

M, #101529, b. circa 1294, d. June 1343
Father Fernando Rodriquez de Castro, Senor de Lemos1 b. c 1268, d. 1305
Mother Violante Sanchez de Castile1 b. c 1270, d. a 1327
     Pedro Fernandez ‘the Warlike’ de Castro, Senor de Lemos, Monforte, & Sarria married Aldonza de Valadares, daughter of Lourenz Soares de Valadares and Sancha Nuñez de Chacim.5 Pedro Fernandez ‘the Warlike’ de Castro, Senor de Lemos, Monforte, & Sarria married Isabel Ponce de Leon, daughter of Pedro Ponce de Leon, Señor de Cangeis, Asturias & Tineo and Sancha Gil de Braganza.1,2,3,4 Pedro Fernandez ‘the Warlike’ de Castro, Senor de Lemos, Monforte, & Sarria was born circa 1294.1 He died in June 1343.1,2

Family 2

Aldonza de Valadares

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