“The Fifth Rose”


Employees of our National Parks walked off their jobs four days ago. Rena enjoys our Nation’s Natural Beauty after living on the Isle of Wight. Did she vote for Mr. God?

I want to start a National Park Run, where we Wee People run away from a fifty foot Porn Star with a giant pussy.

“Donald! Where’s my big handsome man?”

I’m going to buy me some clay and fashion our new National Pussy Park. I see a giant granite hand grasping a giant pussy. This is what the American People voted for. I will present my masterpiece before Congress – along with my idea for Mount Penis where sinful man can go bow down to and show repentance.


Nearly all of the seats on the U.S. National Park Service advisory board are vacant following a mass resignation Monday night, with ex-members citing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s unwillingness to meet with them.

Former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles said that he and eight other members of the panel handed in their resignations. In a separate letter Wednesday, another board member, Carolyn Hessler Radelet, also quit.

The Trump administration is drawing up plans to keep hundreds of national parks and monuments open to the public if the government shuts down this weekend, a precedent-setting change aimed at blunting anger over the disruption of federal services.


Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum
Posted on August 23, 2013
by Royal Rosamond Press

The greatest artist to come out of Nebraska – by far – is Gutzon Borglum, who created Mount Rushmore. Gutzon and his family lived in Omaha and Fremont City. When they moved to Los Angeles, my kindred, Jessie Benton-Fremont, became his patron. She sent Gutzon to famous art schools in Europe. Gutzon did a bust of Jessie, and a portrait of John Fremont.
Charles Lummis the editor of ‘The Land of Sunshine’ and ‘Out West’ was a great promoter of Gutzon and the Fremonts. There is a good chance my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, knew Lummis because he published his poems and stories in Out West..
In 1970, I went with Rena Easton to the art department at the University of Nebraska where she unveiled a life-size clay sculpture of her boyfriend. I later did two paintings of Rena Christensen. One of them inspired my sister to take up art, and she became the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Presco. She later married Garth Benton, the cousin of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, the grandson of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, the father of Jessie Benton, and father-in-law of John Fremont, the first presidential candidate of the Republican Party.
Royal was bid to write by the artists, Jack and Fanny Cory. Fanny did covers for the Saturday Evening Posts, as did Philip Boileau, the son of Susan Benton who had a salon in Paris and may have sponsored Gutzon in France.
Christine and Garth were introduced by Lawrence Chazen, a partner of Rosamond in her first Carmel Gallery, and business partner of the Getty and Pelosi family. Nancy Pelosi’s husband and Chazen are top financial advisors for the Getty family who at one time owned the largest art collections in the world. Chazen is a CEO of Nobel Oil, and was my father’s private lender in his loan business.
If Rena and I had not mended the rent in our relationship at the University of Nebraska Museum, then Christine would not have become famous and married into the creative Benton family, because, I would not have captured her beauty on canvas. I am the Benton and Rosamond family historian.
Jon Presco
Copyright 2013
Out of Rushmore’s Shadow: The Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum
“Out of Rushmore’s Shadow: The Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum” will be on exhibit at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center through February 20, 2000. The exhibition is a major retrospective on the work of Gutzon Borglum, best known for the carving of the presidential portraits on Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.

Rosamond Press

Three nights ago, I was given messages about the fourth, or fifth rose. When I awoke, I googled “fourth rose” and found a copyrighted story. So, I adopted the fifth rose, and made it mine. I put it on the back burner because of all the breaking, body-slamming, news. Then, I found it……….THE FIFTH ROSE!

Yesterday, I found this ART PIECE outside Bozeman. The Bozamaeze are drawn to it like ants to a picnic. They can’t get enough GIANT ART! Who is that projected on the side of the grain building? Is that Sheriff Two Stars?

This giant image is reminiscent of the mural of Keny Kesey, the Regionalist Author, that is found in downtown Springfield Oregon. My kindred, Thomas Hart Benton was a muralist and Regionalist, as was Hopper and Wood, who are mentioned in an article about the top ten Art Pieces. Jackson Pollock made the list as…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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