Bonding With The Sisterhood

Above is a photo of the Wieneke farm in Iowa. Here Sisters of the Order of Saint Francis were grounded in America after they were forced to flee Germany due to Bismark’s Kulturkampf.  This is a story of how a religious order was helped by an American family who had immigrated from Germany fifty years before. The Wieneke family was given credit for preparing the way for Saint Francis, and, Jesus Christ. They were seen as Saints.

Last night I read this book again, online. I was hoping John Stark would have posted the rest of the book on He has not. I tried to get him to give this book to the Sister’ of Briarcliff. John said the book contained accounts that ranged “from the reidulous to the sublime”. You are going to have to cut and past this to url.


Phillipine was a muse to an artist. Her brother studied at Louvain. There is a missing chapter on the “Family Grotto”. I suspect there were sightings here. Please, John, publish the rest of this book!


Members of the Wieneke came in close contact with the Order of Saint Francis that was forced to flee Germany. It appears they were The Keepers of The Miriam Cult. They wanted to spread the Devotion of Mary in America. The Wieneke Family were chosen to be The Messengers. They spoke German in their homes, as did the Sisters. Below is Father John, and his three sisters born from the same womb. My mother wanted me to become a Franciscan Monk. Her mother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, said I was destined for the church. These are her cousins, and the sibings of Eutropia.

The name Philippine is a German. In German the meaning of the name Philippine is: loves horses.

There is a scene of the Wienekes taking the Sisters to church in their horse and wagon. This is the opening scene to a movie. I see the rolling hills of golden grass. The camera come closer in this Western secene, and everyone is speaking German. That John Kelly came home severely wonded in his fight with the secular evil in Germany, was very important. These Sisters knew their flock, and shen they did not hear from John and Eutropia, they sent an emisary to Ventura By The Sea. This is a Papal Emisary, as you shall read in my newspaper…………..Royal Rosamond Press.

My sisters awoke to see a Blue Angel standing at the foot of their bed. There was a High Mass held in the Wieneke home to honor the dying mother who had given birth to the first American Sisters of the Order of Saint Francis. The term “papal rank” is used.

Jon Presco


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