The Habsburg Order of Saint George in America

My kindred, who founded the Republican Party, conducted covert warfare with the Habsburg Emperor in Mexico who was favoring the Confederacy. Did any of the Emperor Maximilian’s military leaders belong to the Order of Saint George – House of Habsburg?

I suggest this order be revived in order to look after our southern border in a sane manner, and take the guns and hate of evangelical killers out of the picture.

Knightfall premieres tonight.

John ‘The Nazarite’

The Order of Saint George (Latin: Ordo militaris Sancti Georgii; German: St. Georgs-Orden) is an Austrian chivalric order founded by the Habsburg emperor Frederick III and Pope Paul II in 1469.[1] Established as a military order to advocate the Christian faith, its original implicite goal was to combat the Ottoman incursions into the Inner Austrian lands of Styria, Carinthia and Carniola. The order resided at Millstatt Abbey and in Wiener Neustadt, until in 1598 its properties were handed over to the Jesuit college in Graz.

A 17th century re-establishment of a knightly brotherhood (Italian: Imperiale Ordine Militare Capitolare Di S. Giorgio In Carinzia) at the Augustinian Church in Vienna is mentioned in a 1974 guide to Austrian chivalric orders; the priory is said to be confirmed by Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria in 1848 and his successor Charles I in 1917. Upon the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prior Alois Hudal in a memorandum turned to Charles I for the approbation of a secular chivalric order.

The order’s history was partly adopted by the secular Old Chivalric Order of Saint George, also called the Order of the Four Emperors, which was re-established in 1768. Since 2011, a European Order of Saint George exists as a dynastic order of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, whose current head is Karl von Habsburg.

s the few Knights of Saint George proved unfit to fight the invading Ottoman forces, Emperor Frederick’s son and successor Maximilian I, called “the Last Knight”, shortly after his father’s death in 1493 established an affiliated secular Saint George fraternity, mainly to man a planned fortress at Rann (Brežice) in Lower Styria. Emperor Maximilian himself and several Princes of the Holy Roman Empire joined the brotherhood in a solemn ceremony held at Antwerp Cathedral on 28 October 1494. Pope Alexander VI and numerous cardinals also were members. Maximilian called for a Christian campaign against the Ottoman intruders, which however failed due to the Habsburg quarrels with King Charles VIII of France and the Republic of Venice.

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