Proof That I Am A Prophet

On August 9, 2013, I posted this………..

Behold all the beautiful women that appear everywhere, many of them owning tales they were molested when maidens. Who would believe it? Outsiders and members of my family were overjoyed that I stuck my neck out, and, now that I was out of their way, their Grab For The Money could continue.





foq66There has been a tug of war over Rena Victoria. Gallant Knights, Mighty Ships, all about the World trying to Capture a Beautiful Woman.

I don’t need to pull the string on my soap box, for it has already been sprung. God loves a story, and he loves this one that has captured Rena Victoria – forever!


Eastern Orthodox depictions of Saint George slaying a dragon often include the image of the young maiden who looks on from a distance. The standard iconographic interpretation of the image icon is that the dragon represents both Satan (Rev. 12:9) and the monster from his life story. The young maiden is the wife of Diocletian, Alexandra. Thus, the image as interpreted through the language of Byzantine iconography, is an image of the martyrdom of the saint.[citation needed]

The episode of St. George and the Dragon was a legend[28] brought back with the Crusaders and retold with the courtly appurtenances belonging to the genre of Romance. The earliest known depiction of the legend is from early eleventh-century Cappadocia (in the iconography of the Eastern Orthodox Church, George had been depicted as a soldier since at least the seventh century); the earliest known surviving narrative text is an eleventh-century Georgian text.

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    I saved Rena from the dragon.

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