The Great King – A Habsburg?

The Great King has gathered his Knights!

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bea88bea10426480469dsc04343bela-rosin10proposal-0043“Many believe that The Great King will be primarily a French monarch who will receive from The Great Pope the title of Holy Roman Emperor in order to unite all of Europe is the reason why I have chosen to write this article. Because I believe there are substantial reasons to suggest another logical explanation is possible. My favorite book on the subject is Yves DuPont’s “Catholic Prophecy” from TAN which presents a situation that perhaps the various seers and saints depict several different versions of the Great King to come.”

Yesterday, I found this article.

This morning I found this article.

It appears I am either the great saint-seer. Am I the Great King? How about the Habsburg Pope of America seeded by my kindred who belong to The Order of Saint Francis. My spiritual work with Virginia Hambley de Bourmont, has come to fruition. Who is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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