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Here is where the Habsburg-Ferrette-Rougemont linage merge, and descend from Merovingiens, who some claim descend from Mary Magdalene. This may not be the modern claim that Dad Brown made famous, but one assigned to Saint Clotilde who converted her husband from Arianism. This link would make the Habsburgs ‘Keepers of the Catholic Faith as many nobles wanted blood ties to Clotilde who gave birth to three King of the Franks, if not more. If Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor descends from Clotilde, then the grouping of people in her sphere are immortalized beyond the fact many of then were Hollywood Stars. I do not have to subscribe to the claims many authors have made, especially in regards to the Sinclair family. The Franks took more than one wife in order to empower their BLOODLINE. Forget about this bloodline coming from Jesus and Mary Magdalene – for now!


Liz may…

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