The Crane Knights

The Crane Crusader Knights – advance!

The covert evangelical heresy of John Darby thought they were invisible as their evil spirits slipped into Jerusalem behind the Vagrant Trickster! Red State Racist Evangelical Leaders, squealed with delight when their Trickster shoved around European Leaders, he being told they are Godless. Many pagans were Godless, until the Son of Man was born.

Jean de Rougemont Grandmaster of the Crane Knights

Knightfall premieres tonight.

The Gruériens were the first to depart for the Crusades. It is said
they were the first to enter Jerusalem where they led the fight for
the Holy Sepulchre. When the Gruérien Knights prepared to leave the
castle, the women of Gruyere shut them in and blocked the gate. In
the image above we see a man urgent to free Jerusalem from the
Muslims, furiously taking an axe to the gate. Note the red cross on
the trumpet.


During a forty years reign, Guillaume Ier pointed out himself by his
zeal to defend the faith. A fresco of the Room of the Knights, with
the Gruyere castle, shows it to us, surrounded of people of its
house, attending the installation of the first stone of the abbey of
Rougemont. Indeed, it made gift with the Benedictines of vast fields
extending beyond Tine. It is while following the example of these
valiant monks whom the population cleared the region to make the
beautiful country of them that we know. The name of Guillaume Ier is
attached to a beautiful page of the history of our country: the
departure of Gruériens for the Crusade. In XIe century, the Holy
Places were with the hands of the Turks. In all Christendom, and
especially in France, generous spirits formed the wish to begin again
in Inaccurate Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre.

Monks and laic traversed the countries, encouraging thevalid men to
take part in the holy war against the Moslems. It was the time of the
Crusades, because all the warriors decorated their chest of a cross.
Gruyeres did not remain deaf with this call. Indeed, here what Hisely
tells us: It is at that time of religious enthusiasm and
chevaleresque enthusiasm which it is advisable to report the charming
tradition that here: Hugues and Turin armed among the beautiful
shepherds hundred Gruériens to lead them to the conquest of the Holy
Sepulchre. The young shepherdesses wanted to close the doors of the
castle to prevent their departure. They had to be reopened of force
and the poor girls are reflected to cry when they intended the rider
to exclaim:

“Ahead the Crane! Acts to go! Returns which will be able! ”

Hardly knowing the geography, they asked naively “if this large sea
which should be crossed to go into Ground-Holy were as large as the
blue lake as one goes along when one goes in pilgrimage to Lausanne”

Which is the share of the history and that of the legend in this
business? It is difficult to say it. It is proven that Gruériens left
for there first Crusade (1096-1099). An Italian poet describing the
Cross ones says to us: “their sides, here under their own banner,
hundred beautiful Gruériens, the pride of the Gruyere”. Further, it
allots even to Gruérien the honor to have crossed the first the walls
of Jerusalem. Alas, among those which left well little re-examined
their fatherland!”

I am the Vigilant Watcher on Rose Mountian

I have come to awaken. I am the one. The name on my birth certificate
is, John Gregory Presco. Gregory isthe Egregor ‘The Crane’ which is
the emblem of Rougemont, the homeof my ancestors. The Gueyere are the
Gregorys ‘The Vigilant Ones’, the Crane Knights who carry THE
STONE ‘The Rock of Sion’. I am home, in the Truth

Jon Presco

Copyright 2005

The Gruyere county

Origin of the countsIt is advisable to distinguish the legend from
reality. The legend claims that the word “Gruyere” comes
from “Gruérius” ,captain of the 6th legion of the Vandals, which
chooses to beestablished in our area, in 436. One quotes even
Gruérius I and II,with which it king de Bourgogne would have pledged
the ground and the country of Gruyere, in 510.

It seems however, according to the Hisely historian who made very
meticulous research in the middle of the century spent, that the
term “Gruyere” comes from “Large-gruyer”, (in Romance language)
or “forester” which was the “supersilvator”, the officer judges water
and forests, charged with réprimander the offences. The Largeone
managed a whole sector which one named the gruery. It took possession
of the hill, in order to set up its residence there.

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