The Crane Knights

Newspapers are saying Vandals attacked the home of Mitch and Nancy. The Rosamond name has been traced to the Rougemonts of Switzerland. I night descend from Vandals. Mitch McConnell’s home vandalized with message: ‘Where’s my money?’ This is the message the Whovillites broadcast.

Rosamond Press

The Crane Crusader Knights – advance!

The covert evangelical heresy of John Darby thought they were invisible as their evil spirits slipped into Jerusalem behind the Vagrant Trickster! Red State Racist Evangelical Leaders, squealed with delight when their Trickster shoved around European Leaders, he being told they are Godless. Many pagans were Godless, until the Son of Man was born.

Jean de Rougemont Grandmaster of the Crane Knights

Knightfall premieres tonight.

The Gruériens were the first to depart for the Crusades. It is said
they were the first to enter Jerusalem where they led the fight for
the Holy Sepulchre. When the Gruérien Knights prepared to leave the
castle, the women of Gruyere shut them in and blocked the gate. In
the image above we see a man urgent to free Jerusalem from the
Muslims, furiously taking an axe to the gate. Note the red cross on
the trumpet.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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