Bernie, Francis, and Jubilee Jonny

For our Fake President to mention paying our taxes in the same paragraph with a devil accused of seducing chidren – is a abomination in the eyes of God! In 2012 I came amongst the poor and homeless – declaring a New Jubilee! This was before Whoville! No one understood what I was saying. They saw me as an Old Fool. Was it the costume I was wearing? Sixty million Republican Voters did not recocognize Satan’s Simpleton, and his side kick ‘Short Eyes’.

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Jesus was restoring the Jubilee that was abolished before he was born. This got everyone’s attention because most of the world was under the yoke of Roman Slavery.  Rome’s army would conquer a people, then send in one of their specialist priests who would assume the head of the folk religion and alter it to suit the gods and the rule of Rome. All mention of LIBERTY was rubbed out. Paul was such a priest, hired by Rome and the Herodians to rub-out all mention of the Jubliee. Paul bids his followers to remain slaves.

Here is a post that anticipates the coming of Pope Francis, and the running of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. After discovering Jesus was restoring the Jubilee, I went and finished my First Communion and Confession that I walked out of when I was twelve, after the Father called me a liar. I was a…

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