“This is art!”

Tonight, my friend Stefan Eins had a show in New York at the Creon Gallery titled ‘The Criminal Core of the Republican Party’. Going to Stefan’s Facebook to see if someone had posted a review, I was blown away after I clicked on the START button. It was hard to stay in focus as my mind was whirled about in a Devil Wind of Chaos. The action was like the twister Dorothy and Toto are caught up in. There is much puckering of lips. I am reminded of Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending a staircase’.  Is this the Cat Fight of – the century? Or, is this ‘The Kiss Seen Round the World’?

“How dare you kiss my man on the lips!” says my friend Christine.

“Please, just one little tiny kiss!” pleads Brooke McGowan.

“You’ve already had enough!” says Wandel to this married woman who clings tight to Stefan’s limelight, she declaring;

“This is art!”

I have to agree. The images below will be transferred to a canvas and will be in my show I have in the works. For over a year I have been sitting on my typing fingers, I not able to blog on the most interesting couple in the Art World today lest I let the cat out of the bag. Christine and my friendship goes back to 1967. When Stefan was in Austria, Christine told me she wanted to be an artist. This was our little secret. She felt Stefan’s persona was burying her. He turned her apartment in Greenwich Village into his personal gallery.

Months earlier, Christine had been a famous recluse for forty years. An old hag squirted her with a squirt gun filled with Clorox. Stefan came to her rescue after she rescued too many cats. This can be turned into a modern fairytale where old Bohemians are made young again after drinking a blue elixur from a blue cup. She told me I conjured Stefan up because I could not be there for her. (Lucky me!)

“He took a piece of wire and bent it into a pretzel-shape, hung it on a rusty nail, and announced; ‘This is art!”.

At this time Christine was telling me about the mysterious images she was seeing in rocks.

“They are from another dimension!” she told me.

I had a vision of Christine in a gallery lecturing viewers on her other worldly rocks that contain maps. I then launched an expedition to find my friend – more rocks!

A year ago, I sent Christine a box of rocks. Stefan did not wait to open them with her present. Christine went ballistic! It has been a difficult year for the three of us. This ‘Cat Fight – With Kiss’ has come out of the Pandora’s Box that Stefan opened, without proper protection.

Down by the river is the old pioneer cemetery that got moved to make room for the new hospital. They moved the tombstones and the old bones.

My kindred founded the Republican Party. I almost told Stefan this, but, did not want to interfere with his vision. Alas, I am freed up to write about, us. The cat is way out of the bag – and in your face!

This is borderline Marshall Arts. Christine delivers a deft lip block. But, not to deny his No 1 fan, Stefan lets fly an open palm kiss move known as the Kiss of the Cobra. Fighting for your man, is no longer a lost art. I love Eugene Hyron’s shot of the spent blue cup lying on the floor, just before Mr. Eins is hurled against the wall in slow motion. No one present, was bored. Quite an achievement for folks in their seventies. How were they behaving when Nixon was forced to resign?

Could it be, Stefan Eins, is most interesting man in……..New York?

Today is National Cat Day.


Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


Sefan Eins


 Oct 28 to Nov 25, 2015  –   Tue to Sat 12-6

Opening Reception   Wednesday,  Oct 28

6 to 9 PM




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