Greg Gianforte Makes Ammends

I forgive Rena for calling the cops on me.

Rosamond Press

“In 1973 Michael and I came up with an idea for a film. We would drive his Bentley to Nebraska and look for the Female Messiah – The Chosen One! We would be wearing white suits and Italian shades. We would drive up to Rena’s High School during a football game, and ask if anyone has seen her.

“The anointed one!”

Rosemary said Christine took her own life. Why should she? Our family backed her and leant her money. They worshipped the ground she walked on. Business people gave her the best advice. Rosemary worked for Christine and Rick Partlow. Vic promoted her art. I on the other hand, was demonized, ostracized, defamed, and excommunicated. Did any family members care if I killed myself? Just when I thought I had someone on my side, my muse demonizes me and has the deputy sheriff of Montana threaten me. My…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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