Unholy Blood at Big Bucks

Sydeny Morris of Morris Heisinger & Buck got a judge to approve of his estate plan for my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton. This plan including allowing a outsider to author a book and make a movie. This outsider knew about the accusations of sexual misconduct in my family that are not proven in a court of law. Did any of these accusations get filed in the Benton divorce? Did any Judge hear these accusations? Was Morris told there would be no mention of these dark sex crimes in any book or movie the outsider would produce? Surely a dark cloud descended over all members of my family when out secrets were made public. How involved is the Buck Institute in the Salman family escapades? I have every intention of attaching my version of family events to all controversies that get near the Rosamond Legacy, in order to restore an integral interest in her work – for the sake of my nieces – the Heirs.  The No.1 creditor was a CEO for Noble Oil. I suspect he gave his Buck Bucks to Pierrot, who handed them back to Morris. This is what Chazen does, and did, for the Getty Oil people…….hide and reinvest assets so the IRS does not get their Big Bucks. Vicki Presco told me Christine and her daughter were accusing several people of child molestation. I believe this is why her autobiography – vanished! Here is a list of Movie People accused of being sex perverts. Garth was an actor. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/here-are-the-men-accused-of-sexual-misconduct-since-weinstein/ar-BBEJSSL?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp public.

Rosamond Press

“At last he came to the tower & opened the door of the little room where Rosamond lay.”

Immortal Transfusions are being sold for $8,000 dollars a pop! These blood transferences are titled ‘Ambrosia’. There is a rose in this name. Who can afford these keys to longevity via THE BLOOD? The Salman Family can. These Bloodsuckers may make five billion! Follow the Money Trail.


When I was lined up to see my sister in her coffin, my brother said;

“She’s not dead!”

When I gazed down on Rosamond, I hardly recognized her. She had several plastic surgeries. Looks are not everything. Was this an imposter?

Christine had said this five years earlier;

“You don’t know who I am!”

I have proven there is no death scene for Rosamond. I now have a vision of rich Saudis being flown into the closed Hamilton Air Base in the middle of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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