Lagunitus and Belmont Theme Park

Abrosius mean ‘Divine Immortal. A showdown at the Buck Institute is coming. There is a rumor Time Arks are being built in the closed Hamilton Air Base, where Buck has leased space. The Wendlings were invited to come live in Buck Communes. They were not allowed to hold opinions. They put up no fight when the sirens called them to Bloodletting Time. After being drained of all their blood, they were skewered and roasted. They were basted with Buck Hot Sauce, and served with white bread with gobs of butter.

Weena the Wendling. Sounds like Rena, who asked me not to slam the Meat Makers. The Oil Royals of Saudi Arabia do not want us to have a real culture.

Rosamond Press

Above is the home of Adolph Maillard, at Castle Rock that is near Woodacre. Adolph sold his property to the Lagunitas Development Company who sold eight ajoining tracts of land to August D. Stuttmeister the daughter of Carl Janke who founded a Theme Park in Belmont California, modeled after a German Beirgarten. I suspect Augustus moved the Jankes and Stuttmeisters from Laurel Hill cemetary to the beautiful family crypt in Coma. You see her name behind my daughter and newborn grandson, Tyler Hunt. Did she have plans to build another Theme Park in Lagunitas located in Marin County, the home of the Beryl Buck Theme Park, called The Buck Institute on Aging, where growing old is frowned upon. Whether anyone can really solve this problem, outside Fantasy Writers, remains to be seen. Beryl Buck was not a Peter Pan and Wendy freak, as far as I can tell, but, Michael…

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