Garth Benton and ‘The Unhappy Victor’

Sydney Morris knew Vicki Presco and Garth Benton tried to conceal the partnership prints, and, the fact Vic Presco existed. Like my daughter, Christine was rendered a ‘Fatherless Child’. The person who is responcible for this, is Vicki, who acted like Vic’s wife. She was the frst named Executor, and Jacci Belford, the second. I will hang Vic around the neck of Heisinger, Morris, and Buck, like an albatoss. I will connect Vic to the bad author, Tom Snyder – while he rots in his grave! What that snipe did to Lillian and Rosemary is the most vile piece of literature ever written. Dark Garth had a hand in this. Members of my family are being ELIMINATED – killed off in that evil book. I should have called the cops upon learning Mr. Benton was not going to attend his ex-wife’s funeral, to check if their are any scratches on his face!

Rosamond Press

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Snyder, Stacey, Shannon, Jacci, Lynch, Vicki, and Garth – PUT ROSEMARY ON ME – thanks to Sydney Morris selling the Artistic Family Legacy to what looks like the Fresno Mafia that tried to take over Carmel. The Benton clan, from Thousand Oaks, wanted in on the action. This aint no B Movie.

‘No Flies on Garth’ knew his mark. He hung in the background, did not got to Christine’s funeral, but, came out BIG TIME for the book & movie! There is talk about a HBO series. Did I tell you Donald stiffed the famous artist, Andy Warhol?

Of course THE MOTHER was proud she gave birth to two creative children, thus, THE ROSY TRINITY had to be slimed because Jacci Belford was rolling in dough from her divorce settlement. Christine threw her out on her ear after not paying her and the…

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