Humiliating My Dead Mother

The Four Towers


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

In the Games of Thrones, if you humiliate a players mother, you can count on her sons and grandsons coming after you with swords – and a army – because she born you into The War of the Roses……………the only game in town! I am not talking about a generic insult delivered in a old paper bag, but a royal stab in that back – with cruel twist – like the one Stacey Pierrot conjured up with the help of her hired character assassin – after she knelt down on one knee at Our Family Funeral, took Rosemary’s hand in her hands, and looking up in the Rose of the World’s eyes……

“Don’t let the dream die!”

Outsider, Stacey Pierrot (with the help of the mysterious millionaire) was INTICING my mother who owned pride in her late daughter’s achievements. How dare she! They waited till she was dead to shoot their Darts of Petty Villainy into her  – back! What perfect treachery – is this! Cut! That’s a wrap! Rosemary Rosamond! Rose! Rosa! How perfect for the true villains to take HER DREAM – and dash it upon the rocks in front of her daughter’s adoring fans. This will cause Dead Christine’s prints to fly off the shelf. It’s a Rosy Hate Fest, that is approved of – from on high!

“Please! Hate my Mommy, as much as I hated her – even more!”

“You too can hang the Hated Mother on your wall, and forever be reminded how much you hate your mother!”

Many famous folks have written books telling the world how much they hated their mothers? How many hateful words about someone’s mother were written by a HIRED WRITER, were published with the approval of a law firm? How cruel and stupid can you be? Picture some slimy out of town thug slipping into the palace in order to cut someone’s mother’s throat.

My mother was worthy – of a worthy assassin – even though she was wicked as can be! All the mothers in the Game of Throne – are evil! This is why there is such a large audience! What good is it for some ragged street waif to shout to the passing prince mounted on a gallant steed;

“Your mother is a bloody whore!”

No need to ponder that poor beggar’s fate.

“I think I will switch over to ‘The Kardashians! Hey, wait a minute. They are greasing his head…………..and shoving it up a horses ass! This is something new! Yeehaw! Ride em cowboy!”

I have made three people connected with the Buck Trust aware of this blog and the things I a saying about the Rosamond-Buck connection, that is now out of control with the startling discoveries I made in the last two days! I am in a real dilemma! I am debating about sharing them in this blog, my newspaper! I would no longer be a newspaperman if I WITHELD INFORMATION. These discoveries are extremely important – and valuable! The Buck family will be placed in the ranks of World Famous Villains – forever!  How many of my readers believe I will not get any funding from any Buck associated Trust? I literally know too much, and, Carrie Fisher and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, are on my side. These two beautiful actresses – are beyond corruption. How about any member of my family, who were tempted and humiliated by demons with a lot of money.

I’ve narrowed down the candidates for the well-dressed gentleman who gave me a menacing look at Christine’s funeral. Both men fly, or flew, jets in and out of Millionair. Sande Green brags about how intimidated my famous sister was because her late husband is well on his way to becoming a billionaire! What is Robert Brevoort Buck’s networth? That should be public knowledge if he established the Buck Trust, lest he own a unjust influence about who gets funding. Bob Buck does not have to speak one word in oder to get folks under him to practice Felty and Loyalty – unto him!

“Let’s see. I detect Mr. Presco owns angst for Big Bob Buck. Everyone is jealous of his wealth. He can make things go bad for you if you do your job – honestly!”

I conclude my mother did meet that wealthy man – before the funeral! How did she recognize him, and, hear about how rich he is? Did he make an appearance at that meeting held in ROSAMOND’S house after he death by “rogue wave” that I was kept away from? My God! Here it is, the first episode of OUR GAME OF ROSES! When a millionaire talks about a book and movie – in your presence – then the chances you are going to speak up and say; “You’re so full of shit!” is very slim. This is why I got the hard-look, because my family told Big Bucks……

“Greg has no price. He can’t be corrupted. God knows we tried!”


I would have told them their approach to a movie and book is based upon the idea Rosamond was a world famous artist, recognized as such by Art Critics. Anticipating this, they came up with………….

“How about………..we depict YOU as Rosamond’s arch rival, the true villain of our fictional work? That’s the ticket! Haters of You will flock to the theatre to see you ratting out Fair Rosamond after catching her in a closet with a flashlight rendering Lost Masterpieces!”

“Is this O.K. with you Rosemary? After all, you gave birth to this demon seed!”

I will post exerts from Tom Snyder’s evil book ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ where Tom shames and humiliates most members of my family, and, titles Mark Presco, the creative brother – over me! Here is my evil brother’s blog. He knew my sixteen year old daughter was being TEMPTED BY THE BIG MONEY, to join the Outsiders Union. He let go his famous smirk, like a pedophile with a bag of candy.

“All this quiet smirking, and still the smirking is not done!”

“I am a white man who has grown weary of the guilt trip laid on us by women and people of color. Indeed, I have grown intolerant. To many my intolerance makes me a bigot, my bigotry a sexist and racist. So be it. I hate no one because of their race or gender. I wish everyone health, wealth and happiness. However, I reject the white man’s burden. It is not our responsibility to provide the world with economic parity to white men. They have the responsibility to make their parts of the world as desirable as we have made ours, and to provide their children with the same quality of life we provide ours. We must take back our culture. The future of the world, our countries and our cultures cannot be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.”

Above is a painting by Waterhouse of Fair Rosamond in a tower at located in a labyrinth at Woodstock. She is waiting for the progenitor of the House of Plantagenet to come to her. Rosamond’s hiding place has been discovered by Eleanor, Henry’s wife, who means to do her harm, get her out of the way! The Game of Thrones is based upon the War of the Roses fought by members of the Plantagenet family. With the amazing discoveries I made, it would suit many to see that woman parting the curtain, as Stacey Pierrot. She is the Supreme Jealous One. The moment she entered the Rosamond Gallery in Carmel, she was overcome by acute JEALOUSY! She had to have what Rosamond – had – before the wave!

For a week now I have been pondering this question: Does Robert Brevoort Buck know he was name after Robert de Navarre? Second question: Did he inform Christine Rosamond of his family legend.

I have already shown you how Fair Rosamond is connected with THE TOWER at Penkill Castle. I suggest my enemies show allegiance to me, and – MY WORDS – that will take no prisoners! I already own the Crux of American Literature and Letters. I will lead the poor in the storming of the Buck Institute designed by Pei. I found my JEAN OF ARC. They are talking about doing a movie about her life! Kismet!

Vicki Presco told me Sydney Morris of Heisinger, Morris, Rose and Buck, combed thru my letters looking for a DEATH THREAT so they could use it against me. I do not regret not reading Snyder’s Dark Book about a Rosamond, until two months ago; for, this LEGAL WORK proves he was backed by powerful attorneys, who gave him IMMUNITY, let him do what he will – with IMPUNITY! If any of my readers know if Robert Buck and Christine had a bond of any sort, let me know,

Jon Presco

‘The Nazarite’

TEMPT: entice or attempt to entice (someone) to do or acquire something that they find attractive but know to be wrong or not beneficial.

“don’t allow impatience to tempt you into overexposure and sunburn”
synonyms: entice, persuade, convince, inveigle, induce, cajole, coax, woo;

“the manager tried to tempt him to stay”

The three Angevin kings (French for “from Anjou“) were Henry II, Richard I and John; “Angevin” can also refer to the period of history in which they reigned. Many historians identify the Angevins as a distinct English royal house. “Angevin” is also used in reference to any sovereign or government derived from Anjou. As a noun, it refers to any native of Anjou or an Angevin ruler, and specifically to: other counts and dukes of Anjou, including the ancestors of the three kings that formed the English royal house; their cousins, who held the crown of Jerusalem; and to unrelated members of the French royal family who were later granted the titles and formed different dynasties, such as the Capetian House of Anjou and the Valois House of Anjou.[4] Consequently, there is disagreement between those who consider Henry III to be the first Plantagenet monarch and those who do not distinguish between Angevins and Plantagenets and therefore consider the first Plantagenet to be Henry II.[5][6][7][8]


The House of Plantagenet (/plænˈtædʒᵻnᵻt/)[nb 1] was a royal house which originated from the lands of Anjou in France. The name Plantagenet is used by modern historians to identify four distinct royal houses – the Angevins who were also Counts of Anjou, the main body of the Plantagenets following the loss of Anjou, and the houses of Lancaster and York, the Plantagenets’ two cadet branches. The family held the English throne from 1154, with the accession of Henry II, until 1485, when Richard III died.


The Angevins /ˈændʒᵻvᵻns/ (“from Anjou“) were an English royal house in the 12th and early 13th centuries; its monarchs were Henry II, Richard I and John. In the 10 years from 1144, two successive counts of Anjou, Geoffrey and his son, the future Henry II, won control of a vast assemblage of lands in western Europe that would last for 80 years and would retrospectively be referred to as the Angevin Empire. As a political entity this was structurally different from the preceding Norman and subsequent Plantagenet realms. Geoffrey became Duke of Normandy in 1144 and died in 1151. In 1152 his heir, Henry, added Aquitaine by virtue of his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry also inherited the claim of his mother, Empress Matilda, the daughter of King Henry I, to the English throne, to which he succeeded in 1154 following the death of King Stephen.[2]

Henry was succeeded by his third son, Richard, whose reputation for martial prowess won him the epithet “Cœur de Lion” or “Lionheart”.[3] He was born and raised in England but spent very little time there during his adult life, perhaps as little as six months. Despite this Richard remains an enduring iconic figure both in England and in France, and is one of very few kings of England remembered by his nickname as opposed to regnal number.[4]

The king’s uncle Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester, Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel, and Thomas de Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick, became known as the Lords Appellant when they sought to impeach five of the king’s favourites and restrain what was increasingly seen as tyrannical and capricious rule. Later they were joined by Henry Bolingbroke, the son and heir of John of Gaunt, and Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk. Initially, they were successful in establishing a commission to govern England for one year, but they were forced to rebel against Richard, defeating an army under Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, at the skirmish of Radcot Bridge.[80]

The traditional story recounts that King Henry adopted her as his mistress. To conceal his illicit amours from his Queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, he conducted them within the innermost recesses of a complicated maze which he caused to be made in his park at Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Rumours having reached the ears of Queen Eleanor, the indignant lady contrived to penetrate the labyrinth, confronted her terrified and tearful rival, and forced her to choose between the dagger and the bowl of poison; Rosamund chose the latter and died.[4]

Rosamund Clifford (before 1150 – c. 1176), often called “The Fair Rosamund” or the “Rose of the World”, was famed for her beauty and was a mistress of King Henry II of England, famous in English folklore.

Rosamund’s story first appears in fourteenth century French Chronicle of London, which purports to recount the confrontation with Queen Eleanor. In one version Rosamund is improbably described as having been roasted between two fires, stabbed, and left to bleed to death in a bath of scalding water by the Queen.[6] During the Elizabethan era, stories claiming that she had been murdered by Eleanor of Aquitaine gained popularity; but the Ballad of Fair Rosamund by Thomas Deloney (1612) and the Complaint of Rosamund by Samuel Daniel (1592) are both purely fictional. Most medieval chroniclers acknowledged that by 1173, Eleanor was held in close confinement, having raised her sons in rebellion against their father.[6]

The underground labyrinth was added to the tale in 1516. However, Robert Gambles cites a 1231 reference to “Rosamund’s Chamber,” with gardens, a cloister, and a well.[6] According to local tales, “Rosamund’s Bower,” is said to have been pulled down when Blenheim Palace was built. A pool on the grounds of Blenheim Palace is known as “Fair Rosamund’s Well.”[5]

Original image

When creating his highly detailed fantasy world, George R.R. Martin based much of Game of Thrones on medieval European history. In particular, Martin drew heavily from the War of the Roses, which pitted the honorable North against the cunning South. We’ve written about how The Red Wedding was based on two historical events. Here are seven more possible historical connections.

(We don’t know how far you’ve made it into the show/books, so assume there are spoilers ahead.)

1. King Joffrey is Edward of Lancaster.

As evil as he is, King Joffrey’s vicious personality seems to be rooted in history. Edward of Lancaster was the son of King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou—and, like Joffrey, he was rumored to be of illegitimate birth. Also like Joffrey, Edward had a touch of madness, and he shared Joffrey’s affinity for lopping off the heads of his enemies. The Ambassador of Milan once wrote, “This boy, though only 13 years of age, already talks of nothing but of cutting off heads or making war, as if he had everything in his hands or was the god of battle or the peaceful occupant of that throne.” History also gave Edward his comeuppance: he was stabbed to death by Edward IV of York, the real-life equivalent of Robb Stark.

2. Theon Greyjoy is George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence.

Theon grew up in Winterfell as a ward to Lord Eddard Stark and a surrogate brother to Robb. Following the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings, Theon was one of Robb’s most trusted advisors. After Robb sent Theon to meet with his father, Balon Greyjoy, Theon turned on his friend and invaded the North.

Theon’s historical counterpart, George Plantagenet, was brother to Edward IV of York and, like Theon, began the War of the Roses as a staunch York defender. Much like Theon, George Plantagenet turned on his brother during the War of the Roses and defected to the Lancasters. After Edward won the war, George was drowned in a butt of wine for his treason, which is a much kinder punishment than the many atrocities that Theon has endured.

3. The Red Faith is Zoroastrianism.

In the show, Stannis follows the advice of the “Red Woman,” Melisandre, who worships a foreign lord of light, R’hllor. The faith of the R’hllor appears to be based on the ancient Persian religion Zoroastrianism. In Zoroastrianism, fire is considered a medium for spiritual awareness and wisdom, with worshipers often praying in the presence of fire or in fire temples. Like the followers of The Lord of Light, Zoroastrianism also stresses a great struggle and the duality between good and evil (in the series it is referred to as “The Lord of Light” and “The Great Other”). As of right now, there is no evidence to suggest that demon shadow babies actually existed.

4. Jaime Lannister is Gottfried von Berlichingen.

In Game of Thrones‘ season four premiere, Jaime Lannister received a shiny new gold hand to replace the one that was hacked off. The Kingslayer, however, follows in the footsteps of Gottfried von Berlichingen, or as he was known, “Gotz of the Iron Hand.” Like Jaime, Gotz was born to a noble family before serving as an Imperial Knight. During battle, Gotz’s hand was blown off by a cannon. Not easily deterred, Gotz designed a prosthetic iron hand and returned to combat. He’s well known for his catchphrase, “er kann mich am Arsche lecken” (“he can lick my arse”), which also makes him a precursor to Futurama‘s Bender.

5. Lyanna Stark is Lucretia.

Lyanna Stark was the sister of Eddard Stark and the one true love of Robert Baratheon. While never depicted in the television show, her alleged kidnapping by Rhaegar Targaryen and the events that followed sparked Robert’s Rebellion, which landed him on the Iron Throne. Lucretia is a Roman figure who committed suicide after being raped by the Etruscan king’s son, a tragedy that sparked the revolution to overthrow the monarchy and establish the Roman Republic. Her last words, “Pledge me your solemn word that the adulterer shall not go unpunished,” also seem to mimic Lyanna’s famous final words, “Promise me, Ned…”

6. The Battle of Blackwater Bay is The Second Arab Siege of Constantinople.

The Battle of Blackwater Bay—when Stannis Baratheon attempted to siege the capital of King’s Landing—was the focus of the penultimate episode of season two. Stannis was defeated after Tyrion attacked his navy with wildfire, a chemical that burns on water. Tyrion might have gotten this idea from The Second Arab Siege of Constantinople, where Greek Fire, a similar substance, was used to repel invaders. Additionally, in the books, Tyrion employed a giant chain to cut through Stannis’ navy, which is clearly inspired by the Great Chain of Constantinople, also used in The Second Arab Siege.

7. The Red Wedding is from the Kojiki.


Game of Thrones‘ “Red Wedding” is one of the most shocking moments in TV history. In one move, Tywin Lannister (in collusion with the Roose Bolton and Walder Frey) kills Robb Stark and ends the northern rebellion with “The Rains of Castamere.” The Red Wedding is said to be based on two British massacres, but it also draws parallels to an ancient Japanese event: the Kojiki, a half-historical, half-mythological text that chronicles the rise of Japan’s first ruler, Emperor Jimmu. The second part of the Kojiki describes how Jimmu consolidated his power: by murdering all of his political rivals at a feast. Like the Red Wedding, the start of the massacre was a song, this one sung by Jimmu himself.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Discussion: Five Questions About ‘The Spoils Of War’

and 08.07.17 35 mins ago


There are no books to work from on Game of Thrones this season — even George R.R. Martin might be surprised with what’s happening on the HBO series — and things could get confusing. To help you out, after every new episode, two resident Thrones experts will answer your five most pressing questions.

1. The Children of the Forest fought alongside the First Men to defeat the White Walkers? Didn’t they create the White Walkers?


Ryan: There’s a lot of history between the Children of the Forest and the First Men going back 12,000 years to when the latter arrived on the shores of Westeros from the east. The first thing they did while settling was cut down large swaths of trees, pissing off the Children and starting a war. The First Men had bronze swords, leather armor, and horses, while the Children had world-shattering magic, which legend says they used to do things like raise the ocean, submerging the land bridge from Dorne to the east and creating the boggy “Neck” that divides the North and South of Westeros.

In season six, Bran traveled back in time with the Three-Eyed Raven and seemed to witness the Children of the Forest creating the first White Walker. They did this by sticking a giant chunk of dragonglass into the beating heart of a First Man. We assume this was sometime during the hundreds of years when the First Men and the Children were warring, but who knows for sure? All history tells us is that peace was eventually made with the Children withdrawing into the deep forests and the First Men promising not to cut down any more weirwood trees. When the Long Night came, the Children and First Men teamed up to drive them back. The Children raised the Wall with magic and the First Men created the Night’s Watch to guard it.

Josh: I realize cave drawings are less interesting than Stark family reunions and giant-ass dragon fights, but Daenerys and Jon’s conversation in the cave was important. Not only for the history that Ryan just outlined, but because — on a purely practical level — Dragonstone isn’t very big and Dany is just finding out about this cave now? I realize ruling from an uncomfortable-looking throne and asking Missandei about her sex life is time consuming, but the Mother of Dragons could have spent a few minutes exploring her ancestral home, which is covered in freaking drawings of the Night King. Unless, of course, we find out in the series finale that Jon snuck into the cave the night before holding a bucket of chalk and made them himself, thereby changing the course of the series and the history of Westeros.

Jon is at his happiest when he’s in a cave

2. Why was so much attention paid to Arya’s dagger?


R: The dagger could be important for a number of reasons. First off, it’s Valyrian steel, which is never a bad thing to have this close to White Walker territory. But its history as the weapon used to try and assassinate Bran could be even more relevant. Who sent the would-be killer is still shrouded in mystery, but if you had to make a wild guess, would you not suspect Littlefinger? Lord Baelish was already working hard to turn the Starks and Lannisters against each other at that point.

J: Sorry to interrupt, but “would you not suspect Littlefinger?” answers itself: I always suspect Littlefinger of everything, from trying to murder the future Three-Eyed Raven to eating my leftovers in the fridge that I was looking forward to all day, even though the bag clearly had my name on it.

Anyway, continue.

R: Way back in season one, a letter sent to Catelyn from her sister Lysa blamed the Lannisters for the death of her husband and King’s Hand Jon Arryn. In season four, Lysa admitted she poisoned her husband and sent the letter at Littlefinger’s request… before he pushed her out the Moon Door. That letter fostered a huge amount of the distrust Catelyn Stark had for the Lannisters, and when Baelish later identified the knife as belonging to Tyrion Lannister, Catelyn seized the dwarf, kicking off the War of the Five Kings.

J: I’m butting in again to bring up Bran’s cryptic reference to chaos being a ladder. It’s something Littlefinger told Varys in season three: “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, never to try again. The fall breaks them. And some given a chance to climb, they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love, the illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.” Littlefinger embraces the chaos, because that’s all he knows, and all things considering, he’s gotten pretty far in life with it. But a consequence to this mad pursuit of power is that he’ll do anything to get it, like the time he betrayed Ned Stark. Sansa doesn’t know about this, but Bran does, hence Littlefinger’s uneasy reaction to his “ladder” line.

R: These are all pretty subtle moves, making the assassin with the Valyrian steel blade seem rather crude by comparison. Still, it would have furthered Littlefinger’s goal of stoking paranoia between Stark and Lannister, so can we really put it past him? That said, even if he wasn’t the one that tried to have Bran killed, his deception of Catelyn and a hundred other moments could easily unmask him as the architect of a lot of the Stark family’s misery, should Bran care about that kind of worldly problem to look into it.

J: When is that moment going to happen, though? It’s like Bran downloaded a 2.0 gb file when he only has 1.9 gb of free space on his fried-out laptop of a brain. But to this point, he’s refused to tell Sansa that, oh yeah, Jon Snow is actually a Stark-Targaryen and that he can spiritually eavesdrop on Littlefinger. For someone who’s dead inside, he sure has a flair for drama.

3. Will Bran drop some relevant truth on anyone or has he gone full weirdo?


J: You know what? Enough about Bran. Let’s give it up for the real hero: Meera Reed. Think about everything she’s gone through. Actually, you don’t have to: she straight-up told Bran, “My brother died for you. Hodor and Summer died for you. I almost died for you.” Meera dragged Bran hundreds of miles, without Hodor’s strength and without the assistance of Jojen and without any frogs to eat, and she did it without complaint. But all he can give her is a heartless “thank you.” (To be fair, his brain is short circuiting after personally witnessing thousands of years of history, but that’s no excuse for being rude. I also haven’t forgiven him for the Hodor situation.) No one else may appreciate all that you did to save the world, Meera, but we do. I’m changing this question to, Who Is the Real Hero? Meera Reed. Is there an unrecognized character this season you want to give a shout out to?

R: He’s probably not going to go unrecognized, but how about Bronn? Unlike some other characters who are in the middle of a redemption arc, Bronn continues to do what he does best: spew salty lines and not give a f*ck. But is there anyone else you’d want by your side in the clutch when stuff needs getting done? Ser Bronn of the Blackwater earned his lordship and his name off blowing up Blackwater Bay and half of Stannis’ fleet. Now he doubles down on that name by almost killing a freakin’ dragon on the Blackwater River. If Team Lannister hands over their MVP award to any other person, the voting is rigged.

4. How the heck did those Dothraki intercept the Lannister army so quickly?


R: By this point you all know about my hatred for the Game of Teleportation many characters engage in to zip across Westeros. But this one actually makes sense. Daenerys and her Dothraki start on Dragonstone, which as we mentioned previously is on the eastern side of Westeros in Blackwater Bay, just north of King’s Landing. The Lannister army is coming from Highgarden to King’s Landing. The battle we witnessed occurred just a few miles southwest of King’s Landing, where the Roseroad and Blackwater River meet.

Considering how far away Highgarden is, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all for Dany to ferry her Dothraki army from Dragonstone onto the mainland where they could ride quickly enough to intercept Jaime’s forces before the relatively slow moving infantry can get behind the walls of King’s Landing. It was still apparently a close thing… although Lord Tarly let Jaime know that the caravans containing Highgarden’s gold made it into the city safely before the Dothraki horde showed up. But as far as geography and timelines go, you can scratch your head about a lot of things, but the showrunners didn’t violate the space-time continuum on this one.

5. Arya and Sansa are together again! Now what’s the most exciting future reunion?


J: If you got a little misty-eyed when Sansa and Arya’s finally found each other after so many years apart, you weren’t the only one. The Stark sisters were the show’s most anticipated reunion, and between Jon and Sansa, Sansa and Bran, and Davos and grammar lessons, there have been a lot of those lately.

But who’s left?

Which two characters do I most want to see interact again? Bronn and Tyrion is tempting, although after this episode, I doubt that’s happening any time soon. There’s also Arya and Jon, who got along better than any other Stark (er, Stark and Targaryen) pairing; Sansa and the Hound; and Daenerys and a greyscale-free Jorah. But I’m going with Tyrion and Cersei. Tyrion has an affection for his brother, who helped him escape King’s Landing (and who Tyrion was genuinely worried for when it looked like Drogon was about to turn him into soot), but not his sister. They never got along, unless he was complimenting her cheekbones, but it’s especially true now that he’s Dany’s Hand. Although maybe I want Tyrion and Jaime, after all. You know he’s been sitting on a good hand pun this whole time.

How about you, Ryan?

R: Be careful what you wish for, Josh. Bronn and Tyrion could be reunited sooner than you think, what with the mercenary currently floating in the river right next to the army of Daenerys and Tyrion. It certainly doesn’t look good for Jaime if he reunites with Tyrion, but tradition suggests knights get ransomed off when they’re captured rather than outright killed. Just another advantage they have not being your typical dragon fodder soldiers. But considering Bronn just fired a ten foot steel spear into Drogon’s neck, tradition may not be enough to save him. Besides, Daenerys keeps promising to break the wheel, which could mean everyone who doesn’t bend the knee could end up slag. Fortunately, Bronn’s knees are a lot bendier than Jon Snow’s.

The heartwarming reunion I really want to see is between Jon Snow and the Night’s King. And by heart warming, I mean I hope it features Snow sticking a dragonglass sword through the Night King’s heart, causing some sort of combustible event that ends with the Night’s King exploding. But in lieu of that, I’d be happy to just see them on the same battlefield again, with the White Walkers wiping the floor with the Night’s Watch and smashing the Wall into pieces. Don’t let me down, season finale!

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