Humiliating My Dead Mother

Christine’s funeral fell on her first Sober Birthday in AA. My mother told me there was a party planned at Rocky Point. She then made a reference to the suicide of Virginia Wolfe. Then, she clammed up. I could tell she was going to back Stacey Pierrot and Jacci Belford, who my sister was backing. I told Rosemary I began a sober biodraphy a year prior. She then said there was movie planned, and, Carrie Fisher wrote a screenplay. I summized this was a lie, told to scare me off, make me quit my efforts, because I am up against THE BIG GUNS! Most all books on recovery and incest – are written by THE VICTIMS! Tom Snyder was HIRED as a ghost writer. This is to say, all the accounts of abuse in the book Ient Kim Hafner – are being expoited – FOR MONEY. This is very abusive to family victims – who have not told THEIR STORY. This is a important issue in the confirmation of Kavahaugh. Ford has receive death threats. My attempt ti open up to a trained nurse ended up with me being DEMONIZED and me out to be INSANE. Kim tell my neighbor not to read my sister’s biography. This is ABUSIVE! The outsiders waited till my mother was dead, before they talked behind her back and made her Christine’s No.1 Tormentor. Rosemary was tricked into giving her Motherly Seal of Approval, rather than giving it to me, a Victim with 15 years sobriety when Snyder’s book came out. How many people wanted me to take my next drink – in despair?

Rosamond Press

The Four Towers


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

In the Games of Thrones, if you humiliate a players mother, you can count on her sons and grandsons coming after you with swords – and a army – because she born you into The War of the Roses……………the only game in town! I am not talking about a generic insult delivered in a old paper bag, but a royal stab in that back – with cruel twist – like the one Stacey Pierrot conjured up with the help of her hired character assassin – after she knelt down on one knee at Our Family Funeral, took Rosemary’s hand in her hands, and looking up in the Rose of the World’s eyes……

“Don’t let the dream die!”

Outsider, Stacey Pierrot (with the help of the mysterious millionaire) was INTICING my mother who owned pride in her late daughter’s achievements. How dare she!…

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