The Carmelites of Rougemont

I knew Tyler had a destiny. “I just talked to a woman at the Carmelite monestary and there will be a regular service on Easter Sunday at 9:00 AM. We can attend. Because I am a minister in the Universal Life Church, I can perform legal Baptisms. We can do this at the beautiful fountain. I can purchase a cirtificate and fill it in. There will be no dunking, just a splash of water. I am a Nazarite.”

Rosamond Press

The Order of Saint George de Rougemont held services and rituals with the Carmelites at Rougemont Chateau. Above we see the cote of arms for the Carmelites Rougemont with red mountain. There is a brown mountain with three stars in the Carmelites arms. Is this Rougemont – red mountain?

Jon Presco

Carmelite tradition traces the origin of the order to a community of hermits on Mount Carmel that succeeded the schools of the prophets in ancient Israel, although there are no certain records of hermits on this mountain before the 1190s. By this date a group of men had gathered at the well of Elijah on Mount Carmel. These men, who had gone to Palestine from Europe either as pilgrims or as crusaders, chose Mount Carmel in part because it was the traditional home of Elijah. The foundation was believed to have been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The…

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