Family Women Destroying Rosamond

Here is my frustration with my daughter, Heather Hanson, who can not grasp the idea of what a biography is, and, I am writing one about a world famous woman artist. I am thwarted at every turn. I am getting very little information. I get the sense there is a Secret Woman’s Pow-Wow, going on where Family Stuff is discussed at length, and a New Pecking Order is arrived at – that I don’t get to see! I have no control! I am in the dark. When I poke around, I am a out-of-control monster! Thanks to facebook, a billion folks know I speak the truth. Team Bulkley is just another Girl Gang I must deal with as I am slowly moved to Siberia and Oblivion.

I made a big mistake not reading all of Tom Snyder’s ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ because I would have got a better look at the Family Svengali, Vicki Presco. For twenty years she was the Ugly Duckling taken captive by Rosamond’s fame. She is a sneaky rat, adept at getting some family power behind Christine’s back. When she heard I had a daughter, she was in full panic! She had to get to her, get Heather in her camp, and do her Recitation, do her Evil Lying Dance of King Victor, whom she was named after.

Heather was raised to be Mommies Little Psychiatrist. When she was done with another devilish load, then it was Uncle Craig’s turn. Alas, Nurse Heather did a healing on aunt Linda ‘The Gold Digger’ who married a rich drunken hog. It was up to a fourteen year old girl, to make drunken Linda’s choices work for her, starting with Heather being her surrogate child. Of course these women did not want me to have a real bond with my daughter, or write a family biography. Why would they think I would be nice to them? They knew how mean they were treating me!

Our plan was to write about Our Miracle. Get published. Get some money so Heather does not have to go to work, and can stay home with my grandson, whom I wanted to be an artist. In the top photo Heather is showing me the painting Tyler did for me, with help! Helping raise Tyler who is abandoned by his father, become the No.1 focus. I live on very little money, and travel to Santa Rosa on the train as often as I can. I consider moving there to babysit while Heather is at work. I have forgiven her for disappearing from my life for two years and forming a bond with Vicki.

Then, I am on the phone with Flip, Linda’s new lover. I can tell he has an attitude about me. He has heard Heather and Linda badmouth me. The, here comes Bill Cornwell. I and my kin get money from Vinny. This feeds the idea that I should have allowed the Hansons to milk my family, get as much as they can get. I am a flake and parasite. I owe Heather. My family should have promoted her singing career, which The New Men are going to do. Patrice Hanson does appear in Snyder’s book, she given another address for a Person in Tacoma Washington, that I saw when looking where my seventeen year old daughter was taken from me.

When I point out the vile and evil shit Snyder wrote about Christine and our mother, you will gag! Mark and Vicki got to proof read this Book of Lies, that has my aunt Lillian destroying the reputation of Rosemary, her sister, that she regretted till the day she died. I struggle to forgive Lillian. She was………USED! Tom Snyder raped her beauty!

Queen Melba was jealous of Lillian who had a strong friendship with Vic and Bill Broderick, Daryl’s brother. Vile Vicki worked Melba and Lillian at the end of their lives. She understood they were leaving her in their Will. Christine had her fame. Mark was making millions in his electronic business, and I could care less about money, I on a spiritual path. When Parasite Vicki heard Heather was going to be a central theme in my book, that had a chance of making money, she had to steal her from me.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


 Are you and/or your mother writing a biography?

Jon Presco

HeatherH <HeatherH@v

01/19/06 at 3:16 PM

No we are not writing a biography. Our busy schedules would not allow it if we wanted to.  Besides, what would we write about that would be of any interest to any one?


Heather Hanson <>

11/25/05 at 9:50 AM

Thank you so much for the gift card. You are such a sweet man.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  I sorry I didn’t call you. I really wanted to but my cell phone is dead and I can not find the charger right now.  I am sure it will turn up soon and when it does I will be sure to call you.  I love you.


Now, was there any huge explosions from me that deserved the penalty of you disapearing from my life for two years? Your mother did not even bother to break off our engagement in a civil manner.
In one of the e-mails that I snuck to you inside your CD you left here, your mother is telling Oprah Winfrey that she knew you were my daughter when she first saw you. If this is true, how TRAGIC that I was not told I was a father so we could have gotten together many years ago and had the SAME intimate relationship you and Vicki have. You gave Vicki two years to form a close bond with you, while I was only given a few months

John Gregory Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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