Bulkley Messages

Here are messages I sent to Murray Oltman, and the Bukleys.

Jon Presco

Can you please forward this to Daryl Bulkley? Daryl, I recently can accross a posting I beleive you had done regarding Mathilde (Mathilda) Oltmann who married Friedrich Wilhelm Stuttmeister. Matilda was my great grandfather’s sister and I have info for a few generations back in Germany. Drop me a note and I can send you some of the research I have on her lineage. Take care, Murray Oltman
Did you witness Daryl’s character assignation and wonder if this was affecting my relationship with Tyler – A MINOR? https://rosamondpress.com/2017/03/26/rosemary-and-lillian-are-not-looters/   
In a few days I will have a woman jump in my pool wearing a suede jacket like the one my sister got off – somehow – while being dashed on the rocks by large waves. I will own PROOF the rival biographer, and Vicki – LIED! Keeping my daughter away from the LIARS was justified. Your snubbing of me – IS FUCKED! You will be in my biography! You will look – BAD!  
Were you aware Daryl was undermining my relationship with my daughter while I am trying to stop this book from being published – that slanders members of my family? If I do not get a response, I am going to assume you did. If you or anyone kin to me publishes a book with Heather in it, I will take legal action.

May 23rd, 7:38pm

Are you aware of anyone authoring a book about members of our family? https://rosamondpress.com/2017/05/24/dayrl-bulkley-kidnapper/ 

John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com> Why are you collecting pics of Heather? Are you writing book? Here’s your place in history.

Dayrl Bulkley – Kidnapper! Dayrl Bulkley – Kidnapper! Yesterday, I used a friends cellphone to look at my daughter’s facebook so I could see what members pf my family…


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