The American Volunteer Tax

I was getting another vision of the future when I founded The American Volneteer Tax.

Rosamond Press

I just sent the following to my Congressman.

Dear Congressman DeFasio

The notion that FBI Director Comey was fired because he asked for my tax dollars to fund his investigation into Russian hacking and interference with out elections, is deeply disturbing. Our President used the phrase ‘Taxpayers Charade’. I hear reports from Congressmen and Senators their investigation into Russia’s collusion with government officials, is understaffed due to lack of taxpayer funds. For this reason I founded the ‘American Volunteer Tax’.

I applaud your efforts to save the U.S Post Office. When our founding fathers signed the U.S. Constitution, there were no telephones, telegraph lines, or airplanes. Our Nation’s Capitol was built so our elected Law Makers could gather to discuss how our taxes would be spent. This discussion can take place in cyberspace. Thanks to the Internet, We The People can fund what agencies we are in favor of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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