Peace Marches and World War Three

I am going to cancel my plan to go to Oakland and visit the graves of my parents. The auspices is foreboding. There is the smell of war in the air thanks to those righteous ones who voted for a lunatic to be our President. Is this what white people wanted – fear in the air, pending doom? This is what Mark Presco and Bill Cornwell want so they can feel like big bad white men?

My brother made war toys for Hughes Aircraft, and wanted me to build the Presco Family Bunker in Oregon. He wanted Rosemary and I to move in right away. Then, our War Grunt will show up with our sisters just before the missiles rain down.

Big Brother Mark gave a presentation when I made a rare visit to his home. He put on a video of his latest project at work. He was designing poison gas detectors on our tanks. He said they are making very lethal War Toys, that he and his ilk are itchen to play with. After World War Three……..

“We emerge from the bunker and rape the surviving women who are in good shape. Your children will mate with my children, and we will repopulate the earth with the best genetics. If only my offspring mate with one another, they will be Mongoloid.”

Right away I understood his genetics were superior to mine – in his mind – and he would be using my sperm and lust to his own end. He would be storing my genetics down in the Presco Family Bunker – with Rosemary! After I have impregnated my fare share of the dazed and confused women ‘The Mark of Cain’ would sneak up behind me – and smash my skull in!

“I won’t be needing you anymore – scumbag!”

This is why I am disgusted with Amy’s Alien ideas. This reeks of incest. If he had to fuck me and get me pregnant, he would. What about my sisters? This comes from the Normal Brother who did everything right. Mark made millions. The owner of ‘Oakland History’ would be proud. So would my cousin, Daryl Bulkley, who claims I am too hard on Vic and Mark – for starters! Mark believes success at Art, is no different from success with your clothes-hanger factory.

I have stated numerous time in this blog, that if you don’t like me, and my visions, then go for what Mark has to offer. Well, Trump Won! The world got my brother! And, it is no longer an ideological decision. It is fucking real! If America had chosen Peace over War, the consequences would not be so dire! The Good Citizens of Oakland might have to endure a horribly evil Peace March or two!

“Look Mildred. They’re at it again. Those evil Sons of Satan are marching against our Boys in Uniform ‘The Sons of Jesus. I hope they get clubbed and gassed. I hoe they all get shot!”

That scenario is much better than this one.

“Look Mildred, that crazy chink just launched nuclear missiles against our aircraft carrier. Oh no! Putin has freaked, and launched a first strike. Let’s get down in the cellar. Bring some cans of food!”

The Republican-right have got away with depicting Anti-War Protesters as owning a devious motive, such as, all we want is Free Sex, Free Food, Free Drugs, and Crazy Light Shows. Anything but Peace!

So, how do white-right folks like the feeling in the air? Does this feel good – for you? How about all you white women lined up behind The Trumpire, squealing with delight…..

“Lock her up! Lock her up!”

What Mark came to believe while growing up, is, The Americas were a Giant Table of Goodies, a Banquet put upon the earth that beckoned – white folks only!

“Come and get it!”

The excuse Nazi-Mark gives for whites pushing the Native Americans aside, is, they are TRIBAL PEOPLES, and, America is the designated place for Individual Capitalism, where a white man grabs all he can, and puts it n his pile. The bigger the pile, the bigger the winner. This is the Trump Plan that is now installed, and in play! Mark got his way! He won! So what WE got a new Cold War, and Trump is giving a huge tax cut to the rich. So what this is scary. This is the way it was meant to be. Thirty million evangelicals believe God-Jesus wanted this for the White Race. Prosperity Gospel is working – for you!

I am going to try and get Mark’s essay to Steve Bannon and Breitbart, so the Presco Family Plan can rule the world! I’m tired of being deleted on Facebook by the Markanoid wanna-bes who think they invented Family Bunkerism.  May the best genes win!

Mark is an atheist who have God, and thus is opposed to the Rich Christian Plan. Me too! I found out yesterday the Oakland Museum extended their Black Panther show because it was so popular. I am not going to hold my breath till ‘The Beloved Oakland White Man’ show is installed, because it would have to be about Francis Coakley, whose daughter lived up the street, and befriended the Presco children. Ronald Reagan reads from Coakley’s report who went after Mario Savio and Huey Newton.

Maybe Bannon has already read Mark’s Master Plan and is reading it to Trump after he tucks him into bed.

“Mark! What a great name. I love this guy! Do you think he will come visit me if I ask politely?”

Jon Presco

.Copyright 2017

White Culture

White men, more than any race, including white women, are highly oriented toward individualism. This is why individual rights and freedoms, and democracies are more prevalent and successful in white cultures. But what makes white cultures work is individual responsibility. Every white man is expected to provide for himself and his family and can expect little help from any other white men. Those who cannot do this have no status in the white community. Oh sure, we work together to build roads and cities and the proverbial barn raisings that are clearly too big for one man to handle. But each white man is expected to create his own wealth.

Almost all other cultures are tribal in nature. By tribal I mean that they are basically extended families, and their economies are based on sharing. All members born into the tribe can expect his or her rightful place in the tribe and fair share of the tribal wealth. In a tribal culture a man gains status by sharing his wealth. The problem is, tribal cultures don’t create wealth. When you are expected to share your wealth you soon lose all incentive to create it.

In a white culture a man gains status by amassing wealth. Because he is expected to create his own wealth he gets to keep it. This provides incentive to create more wealth. This is the reason white cultures are so fabulously wealthy. Yes, Bill Gates got some flak for not doing more for charity but no one expects him to give away his billions. The wealthy people in white culture hold high status.

I submit as proof of this that the poorest white cultures in the world are ex-communist cultures that had a kind of tribalism forced on them by the Bolsheviks. It wasn’t Ronald Regan’s military spending that collapsed the Soviet Union. It collapsed because it was sliding into a third world economy. The new world order was economic power, not military power, and they were losing badly.

The Communists made a fatal error in assuming that if you shared the wealth equitably, everyone would be willing to do their fair share of the work. Not so. Most people, even white people, are lazy useless morons who won’t make an effort if they don’t have to. If they can get their share of the wealth without doing their share of the work, that’s exactly what they’ll do. To be fair, there is another rational reason for this. In any endeavor it is wise to maximize your earnings to effort ratio. It makes no sense to put more of an effort into it than necessary. Since communists could do nothing to increase their earnings, the only thing they could do is decrease their effort. For this reason the Soviet Union stopped creating wealth and some of its satellites are having a hard time restarting.

There is an interesting anecdote about Sitting Bull. He made a bit of money touring with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and signing autographs. He gave most of it away to poor white folks because that is what a man of his stature did in his culture. He couldn’t understand how so many poor white people lived in such a rich country. He was quoted as saying “white people know how to make everything; they just don’t know how to distribute it.” He didn’t understand that white people were expected to create their own wealth.

White cultures are grass roots. They do not emanate top down from governments. All the federal government is in this country is one huge sucking parasite on American businesses and workers. Economies begin in the towns and cities where individuals and groups of individuals create the businesses, jobs and tax base. Observe the way this country was settled by white people. White men would venture into the wilderness seeking their fortune. When a certain level of development was reached white women would follow. It wasn’t until a significant economy was developed that the territory was considered for statehood. These economies were developed without the aid of a state or federal government.

Native-Americans paid a heavy price for this every-man-for-himself culture. Most of the conflicts were caused by Native-Americans getting between a desperately poor white man and his fortune, especially during the California gold rush. But to be fair, white men were just as ruthless to each other in the competition for wealth.

A lot more can be said about the negative side of developing this country to what is today. And white people were not the only ones involved. Blacks and Asians were in the mix.

But I will show that it is white people who made this country the richest most desirable place to live on the planet. A place so desirable that it seems everyone in the world wants a piece of the “American Dream”, in fact they think they have a right to it. This is setting us up for the biggest culture clash this country has seen to date.

The most important purpose of this discussion is to answer three of the most burning questions of our time.

1. Should white people feel guilty about their wealth?
2. Must white people share their wealth?
3. Do white people have the responsibility to provide economic parity to the other races?

As harsh as it sounds the answer to all three is NO!!!

It has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that communism, or any other form of wealth sharing, is a formula for poverty for all. Mao starved 30 million Chinese to death in the 1960s.

No human being has the right live at the expense of another. This is the definition of a parasite:
2. a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others.

When one race chronically lives and grows its population at the expense of another race that race should be labeled a parasitic race.

Except for rare unforeseen emergency aid, everyone must be held responsible providing for themselves. It’s the only thing that works.

The Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was the beginning of the end of race relations for me, but not for the reasons you might think. I was attending Oakland High in Oakland CA from ’60 to ’63. I did not perceive a race problem then. The racial mix was very close to the country today, majority white, a large black population and well represented with Asians and Latinos.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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