The Gideon Thunderbird

I talked to Chris last night about the Golden West murder, and the western murals that appeared in my Science Fiction book, the Gideon Computer. My hero, Berkley Bill Bolagard, would hold court in a booth in this downtown Oakland Bar. When he was younger, Bill owned a white Thunderbird like the one Barry Zorthian owned. When he went to visit his old friend Dexter Lewis in Los Angeles, he put him in front of a camera selling Ford trucks because he was dressed like Buffalo Bill. He was instructed to let out a yell!

“Yeeehaw!” Ride em cowboy!”

I began telling Marilyn I think the world is coming to an end, because I can no longer see into the future, nor, write into the future. I told her the unfinished Gideon Computer may have come to a unhappy ending, and, I am not fully aware of this. When I saw the photgraph of Hollowhornbear, I knew my fictional days were over. Or, are they? I have wondered if m brother was the designer of the malevolent Computer. He may be dead, and does not want me to know – lest I blog on him, and captured him!

Folks think I am crazy! If I am a writer, then I would give them a book with a cover and numbered pages with – THE END! But, I am a new breed. I am a Blogger! Is there an alpha and omega in this? I have become Berkeley Bill Bolagard…….Wild Bill! I might be dying! I might go get a tattoo.

See Oakland – and die!

Jon Presco

Betty Williams Zorthian

When I met Betty, I got such a calm sence of well-being. I loved her daughters. I felt that I should have been with Barry instead of Keith. Perhaps she did not want to replicate her mother’s bond with an artist?In my novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ Berkeley Bill Bolagard has a T.V. show titled ‘The Authentic Human Being Show’ where he invites folks from all over LA to come prove that LA is not full of phonies. Betty would be on that show, and not her husband. However, if Bill had ‘The Authentic Human Family Show’ then all the Zorthians would be on camera. The photo of Betty playing guitar with her children, is the acme of love and sanity.

When Christine Rosamond Benton came tolive with us at ‘Idle Hands’ The Zorthian sisters commented on how beautiful our bond was.

“You two are the most beautiful brother and sister we ever met.”

Our family was not without, class, grace, and love. Perhaps it time to reveal this truth?


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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