Geronimo, Lagunitas, and Woodacre

I talked to a woman in the history room at the Oakland Library about donating the family photos and letters pertainting to the Stuttmeisters.

Rosamond Press


William Oltman Stuttmeister went to the University of California and practiced dentistry in San Francisco. He bought two vacation properties in San Geronimo where he retired and died. The Maillard, Count Cipriani, Napoleon, and Prince Victor Napoleon connection is interesting. Is this the continuation of the Belmont Colony? Was this land purchased with a recovered treasure? Many have searched for the lost treasure of Sir Francis Drake near this valley overlooked by the ‘Sleeping Maiden’ mountain.

Below is a video showing Cipriani’s home inside Ralston’s additions. It was a portable house. An expert needs to compare this with the Tanforan cottages. Samples of the wood and screws need to taken and compared to the houses Janke brought around the Cape. William married Augusta Janke.

Jon Presco


Maria Clotilde was the eldest of eight children born to Victor Emmanuel, King of Sardinia by his first wife and cousinArchduchess Adelaide…

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