Putin Calls Obama Anti-Christ

Putin has shown evangeical leaders his FAKE religious stage, and suggested this was the answer. Trump ‘The Child’ was WOWED! He saw himself at the head of the New Crusader Army. https://rosamondpress.com/2014/03/02/grail-knights-ride-against-putins-christniks/

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When the Christniks led by Cruz shut down our government, Putin offered to come to America and speak to the American people. I suspect the Christian-right has been sending Putin signals they support him. I am going to write my congressman and demand an investigation.

Jon Presco

The Prophecy buffs for years said that Russia is Gog and Magog. And while they had such discussions during the cold war, Russia left communism, then the buffs wrote all sorts of conspiracy theories on the KGB and how they will revert back to communism. Yet Russia has become the only superpower nation which is reverting back to Christianity while Europe and the U.S. are falling away.

­From a biblical perspective, Russia is against the spirit of antichrist while the U.S. is advancing its cause.

Putin Calls Obama the AntiChrist!

Who’s ‘godless’ now? Russia says it’s U.S.
Putin seizes on issue of traditional…

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