Rougemont Bankers vs. Christnik Army

This is where it began. Find out where Trump and his people were.

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“Kerry to visit Ukraine on Tuesday, threatens sanctions if Russia doesn’t pull forces back.”

Putin’s Christnik army does not wear any insignias, yet they are seen as being on a holy crusade. Let me put a number on all these uniforms…..666

The coat of arms of Llloyd’s of London contains the same Knight
Templar cross and sword that we see in the City of London coat of arms. The modern buildings of Lloyd’s of London, and Swiss Re,
dominate the heart of the City of London where Templars allegedly controlled Britian’s banking, and from them rose the Gnomes of Zurich Switzerland. This merger may have only taken place in the cityscape above, where the dome of Swiss Re is in back of the Lloyd’s of London building. Together, they make a city of tomorow, a global city that gathers together all the Hugenot Banking families whom fled…

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