The Last Beat With Sandpiper

It is all about money over art.

Rosamond Press


Stefan Eins called me yesterday – and saved my bacon! He had gone to his facebook, which he rarely does, and glanced at my post on ‘The Last Beat’. He asked me what this was about. I told him a Synchronistic  Dimension had opened up. A producer had made a trailer to his movie – that is not in the can!

“He is soliciting for funding. He has used artistic images to entice investors. They look like the images you find on my blog! This is more than a coincidence. This has way more to do with art and poetry than this guy knows. It’s like he made a landing strip for my visions – for my life – and not necessarily Jim Morrion’s life.”

One wonders if this guy is a parasite cashing in on the UNENDING fame of Morrison. His devoted fans of the Morrison Religion…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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