Western Union of States

Rosamond Press

[U.S. 26 Fremont Flag-white]
White Canton – Correct Version
image by Rick Wyatt, 28 July 2001
[U.S. 26 Fremont Flag-blue]
Blue Canton – Wrong Version
image by Rick Wyatt, 28 July 2001

John Fremont, and Justin Trudeau, look alike. John was born in France. Justin’s ancestors are French and Scottish. One of his grandfathers is James Sinclair. Trudeau emerged the ‘Torch Bearer’ of the European Union in North America after his meeting with Trump, who has more of an interest in hawking the wares of his family, then tending to Real Business. For this reason, I found ‘The Western Union of States’ that will carry on the vision of John and Jessie Fremont, who designed a flag with a Peace Pipe. Let us make peace with our Canadian neighbors, and conduct sane and harmonious trade.

I encourage Democrats in Western States, that are carried by Republicans, to register as Republicans so as to present ideals based upon…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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