The Cross The Sword The Rose

I have found our Sleeping Beauty. She is Royal Rosamond’s sister.

Rosamond Press




What are the odds? I had posted this on January 30th. two months before I walked onto Ken Kesey Square with my camera rolling. I was desperate to save the creative legacy Christine and founded and sustained. There was talk of a movie. There was hope. My descent into hell – had just begun! Did Belle, and others read of my plight, and down they swoop, the Gallery Gargoyles – Harpies to the rosy feast?

What are these First Night Celebrations? How long has my Muse been the Belle of the Ball? In the Wild Frenzy and Fight over Ken Kesey Square, all the Clowns and Jugglers were wheeled out in a Juggernaut, each claiming to own The Tradition. But, she was a no-show! Belle Stella, and her Phantom of the Opera! Why has no author compared the Pranksters to the Kabuki theatre? This is the traditional connection Ken…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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