Fraud, Theft, And Censorship

Vicki Presco took her share of the Family Partnership from Christine Rosamond Benton’s home days after her death. She made me an offer to sell them at fairs two weeks later. I turned her down. She and Jacci Belford refused to serve as executors, and nominated Garth Benton who was going to sell the estate to the team of Jacci and Pierrot. Stacey sold Christine and Vicki’s share of partnership prints at the Rosamond gallery and refused to give Vic’s widow her share. Mark Presco, the Nazi Misogynist, demanded I sign the non-disclosure statement Tom Snyder sent me. He threatened me with lawyers. I told my daughter and her mother to stay away from my criminal family – and their bevy of ghost writers who lied their ass off. Is it any wonder that Trump is our president. His family is taking over, and destroying our democracy.

Jon Presco

Two weeks after my sister was dead – somehow – Belford calls me on the phone and says;

“Shannon will destroy the estate. I’ve made an offer to pay off the creditors and purchase everything.”

Jacci is playing The BIG VIC-tim card, laying it all down. The adult Heir is now a destructive perpetrator.

“I’m glad VIC is not going to get his prints back. You know, that is what Christine and I had in common – we both were sexually abused by our fathers?”

I tried to keep my mouth shut, but couldn’t.

“Excuse me. I don’t know you. You are bad mouthing two members of my family – and this is being done for your benefit? You can not tell me Vic is not going to get his prints back. That is a crime. We were all abused by Vic. Just because you father abused you in your family does not give you the right to abuse my niece in my family – and come away with the entire estate that was left to her!”

When Belford hung up the phone, I was blackballed, put out in the cold. The Vicious United Victim Union had snuffed out my candle. I knew then I was dealing with a Abused and Victimized Woman’s Cult.

Objection to Outcome of the Probate of Christine Rosamond Benton, the readjustmenty of my Claim and the establishment of a Foundation in order to Protect a historic Artistic Legacy

1. The Coverup of vital facts in order to thwart a Coroners Inquest

In Item No.1 ‘Death of Decedent, of Executor Sydney Morris’s report of administration, it states my late was swept away by a rogue wave while walking on the beach with daughter and sister. Decedent died testate.

This is the first item addressed in Sydney Morris’s document calling for closure of the probate of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, and the distribution of her estate. There is strong evidence this sentence may not be true.

On May 4, 2005 I had some very disturbing news from Mrs. Barbara Layne who resided next door to the home at Rocky Point where Christine Benton was a guest at when she drowned. Barbara talked to Vicki Presco just after our sister was taken away in a ambulance. Ms. Presco told her Christine and her husband, Garth Benton, were invited to stay the weekend at this seaside home, by their friend, Alan Fox, in order to bring about a reconciliation of their marriage. Ms. Presco told Ms. Layne Mr.Fox wanted them to spend the weekend in his home, and perhaps in a romantic setting they could repair the terrible riff in their relationship that had become very volatile, they both filing restraining orders against each other. Ms, Layne was shocked to learn I had not heard of this attempt.
So was I.

Mrs. Layne then told me Alan Fox was in a awful hurry to sell his Rocky Point home, and did so within a month of Christine’s death. The new owners told Ms. Layne they were amazed at what a good deal they had gotten. This is important as my sister refused to tell me who the owner was when I asked a month after our sisters death. She asked me why I wanted to know. I told her I was going out to Rocky Point and wanted to talk to them while I was there. Vicki said it did not matter, as they were only there temporarily and had moved out. This is when I had a falling out with my surviving sister.. Mrs. Jacci Belford, Ms. Pierrot, also stopped talking to me.

After this conversation with Vicki, Ms. Layne left the part of the home where Vicki, he son, Shamus Dundon, and Drew were staying, and encountered Garth Benton who had just drove up and got out of the car. Mrs. Layne asked him is he was the “reconciling husband” and Garth said he was.

I asked Mrs. Layne if anyone else got out of the car, or was sitting in the car. Ms. Layne was; “No”. This contradicts the testimony that Mr. Benton gave Tom Snyder in Pierrots commissioned biography where we read how sorry Mr. Benton was when he made this comment to his girlfriend sitting next to him, just after the ambulance carrying Christine passed them going the other way into town; “Were’ free, and Drew is saved”

“It was Christine’s weekend to have Drew, Garth says. “And we drove over on Friday, I think it was. Drew got in the car, I said goodbye, and off they went. Next day, the phone rang sometime before noon. It was Drew. ‘Dad, Dad’ she said, ‘you’ve got to come and get me. Mommy went into the ocean and they’re fishing her out now. And Daddy…she looks very ill and she’s cold’. I told Drew to get Vicki, who was by then nearly hysterical, and we’d be there. “I called a beauty shop where Nina was having her hair done, and said, ‘Christine has drowned. She’s dead’. No one had told me that, I just knew.”
A few minutes later, on the way down toward Rocky Point, I had a reaction in the car with Nina that I feel so terrible about, and I’ll tell you. We were almost there, when an ambulance passed us, going the other way. We both realized it was carrying Christine. My mind flashed back over the last last few months and years, and all the anguish for Nina and Drew and me, even for Christine. I was crying, and I turned to Nian – this is what I am ashamed of – and I said, ‘We’re free. And drew is saved.”


shamusdundon@Y…> wrote:

Mom called me last night after getting an email from Heather. Heather was very upset about the things you said to her. Mom was ticked off at me, accusing me of stirring things up by having Heather contact you, so she wanted me to write Heather to advise her what to do about it.

Mom also said she would call Heather in a day or two to add her 2 cents. I’ve already advised Heather in an email last night. I suggested she may want to wait until after the baby is born to contact you, considering she doesn’t need the extra stress while she’s present. At that time, I hadn’t read all your rubbish yet about you thinking I was posing as her. I will write her another email suggesting she call you only if you write her an apology. (by the way, write an apology as you would to her, not one you think is going to me as a fraud) long story short, yes mom does have her phone number, yes I could get it from her. No I won’t give it to you without Heathers
consent. You have her REAL email address convince her of your intent and maybe
not all is lost.

In, “Jon Presco”


Shamus, do you or Vicki – or any member of my family – have Heather’s phone number? Lillian told me she heard from Vicki that Heather was going to have a child. How did Vicki find that out, by phone, or e-mail? Heather was going to name the baby Lillian-Rose, thus she hoped it was a girl? She tells me she I am going to have a “grandson” thus she had a test – hence!

Shamus says he only had two contacts with Heather, but, takes charge of her and her unborn baby, he taking delight in our falling out. He then sets up a reconciliation between us. How interesting. These keepers of the Big Family Secret have empowered and enriched themselves, and like child-molesters they feel like gods because they never get caught, because THE PROOF is sealed in the silence of the lambs. Shamus and Vicki have taken my daughter and unborn grandson hostage, and are using them to get me to stop seeking the truth – stop asking questions – and stop doubting family members
love you. “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.”

“I have a clean conscience. I am quite willing to hash out whatever it is you feel I’ve wronged you in. Please provide proof , and not conspiracy theories.


From: “John Presco”
Date: Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:24 pm
Subject: Re: John
Do you recall exactly when you talked to Heather? Do you think she was sincere about learning more about you, or, she wanted to learn more about me?


Maybe you should elaborate more on Heather. I’ve only had 2 phone conversations with her, and they were both about us learning about each other as family members. The only thing I mentioned about you, when she brought you up, was that she should be careful not to feel to hurt IF you said some mean things out of the blue. (perhaps you can understand why I might say that.) I never said anything to discourage her from associating with you. I have no idea the current status of your relationship. I haven’t talked to her in quite sometime. What did you mean by “outsider” going after her? Maybe you should tell me what happened….


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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    A month after my sister was dead, Jacci Belford called me up and told me she made an offer to buy the estate, but, did not invite me to be a member of The Book&Movie Consortium and enjoy The Big Bucks. When Jacci said; “I’m glad Vic won’t get his prints back!” and “Shannon will destroy the estate.” I saw the list Mark and Vicki approved of that exculuded The Trouble Makers – accpet Garth – because his eight year old daughter was a named Heir. Vicki and Mark Presco were not in our sister’s Will. Vicki forsake her sacred duty – FOR MOVIE MONEY! This ungifted little turn had stars and dollars in her eyes!

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