Long Live the Godsister

Vic left about 3 million dollars worth of his partnership prints to Connie Redon, a Mexican citizen with five kids. She got married to my father just before he died. Vicki Presco told me she did not give Connie her prints as agreed. She was Vic’s Trustee. Stacey Pierrot sold these images in the Rosamond gallery when it reopened. She told me in a e-mail she had nothing to do with them. She lied. In theory, she and her family failed to maintain good trust, and I recognize Connie and her children as the rightful heir of the Creative Presco/Rosamond Family Legacy. I will be contacting my Congressman and Nancy Pelosi, as well as the Mexican Consulate – and Interpol!

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wolf0002The actor, James Gandolfini, is dead. He played a Mafia Boss. He was not the real deal. My late father alluded to the idea he was the real deal. He drove a 1960 pink Cadillac and made loans out of his home to folks who were in default. Vic wore plaid jackets not unlike the one above. He was born in San Francisco but grew up in Oakland. He owned a produce market in Jack London square. For six months he wore a black patch on his right eye. My father may have been the most interesting man in the East Bay. His good friend and partner had ties to the Mexican Mafia. Captain Vic shipped his third wife across the border in a marijuana shipment.

Vic declared Vicki his only child and prepared her to take over his Loan Shark business. Vicki and Ken Prather were into trading silver…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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