The Rowdy Tidal Women of Halfmoon Bay

To get the full impact of what you are going to read, one has to know Christine Rosamond Benton WAS NOT a Famous Artist, but, a Popular Artist, as was Margaret Keane. My uncle knew the Keanes, and owned two Keane ORIGINALS, which is a pun.

Three weeks after my sister drowned, I got a call from Jacci Belforn, who was the manager of the Rosamond Gallery, and allegedly Christine’s best friend. She was not at the funeral recpeption held at the gallery in Carmel, but her friend was, Stacey Pierrot, who Jacci talked Christine into hiring. Aunt Lillian says Stacey was an Heiress. The way she said it, suggested that Christine and Jacci wanted some of her money. They wanted another investor in Rosamond Masks. Her father, Alan Pierrot, owns Hospital Boutiques.

“To prepare for this transition, we worked with leading restaurants and hotels, like the Ritz Carlton, to develop our signature brand of patient service. The impact of this is still seen in our hospital today. Each private inpatient suite is equipped with hotel-like amenities and showcases unique artwork from regional artists. Patients are also treated to restaurant-quality meals prepared by culinary school-trained chefs. What’s more, our staff is trained in hospitality service techniques to ensure our patients receive high-caliber service during their stay in our hospital.”


I just found out Alan Pierrot is an ARTIST! My late Private detective friend wondered who was paying the rent on the Rosamond gallery. He did not believe they were selling $5,000 dollars worth of Rosamonds a month. There had to be a Mr. Money Bags, who was probably getting a tax write-off.

That’s Stacey on the right in the photo above. She wears her father’s smile – all the way to the bank! Here is the proof it was a Merchandising Adventure – even after Rosamond’s death. Should I inform the IRS?  That Alan comes off like a Fine Artist, knowing his offspring co-authored the Infamous Looting Scene, is an outrage against the Art World! If Stacey is trying to convince her father he should buy-in to ‘The Dream’, then she is demonizing everyone in my family who will destroy the estate because we are Art Haters.

Back in 1999 I presented an idea for a HBO series based upon Alan’s hospitals that I turn into Nip & Tuck factories. There is a Rosamond print in every room. Old Hags are rendered Beautiful Maidens. They are – REBORN! I was updating ‘One Flew Over The Coo-Coos Nest’. My God, look at the synchronicity! The Pierrot family did not know Christine and I – THE TWO FAMILY ARTISTS – were related to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, nor did special executor, Sydney Morris, who I suspect was secretly hired by the mysterious Mr. Money Bags. If Mr. Bags is Alan Pierrot, as Lillian suggested, then…..


It is clear Alan wanted to be a Big Player in the Art World. His daughter ends up with the title ‘Caretaker’ of our creative family legacy. The big question is, did THE PIERROTS make an offer to purchase everything – before Rosamond drowned? Christine had declared bankruptcy. She was authoring a autobiography. There was talk about a movie. Then, she was invited to a famous house at Rocky Point owned by Alan Fox, who also wanted to be a Big Player in the Art World.

A. Pierrot is Doctor Sane Artist. He learned to paint from books, just like he learned about medicine, from books. He has a sane big brain because he made millions of dollars. He would not want to invest Sane Money in a Insane Artist. When Insane Christine drowned, Allan probably asked if she had any sane siblings, who are Money Makers, and would want to part of the team. Mark is a Money Maker, but insane. This will be overlooked while the A Team focuses on the surviving Insane Artist. Insanity is the Villain. With tons of money one can do almost anything, especially if The Target does not know who is pulling the strings. Money is Power.

to be continued

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Alan Pierrot - Biography


From Orthopedic Surgeon to Artist


Late bloomer discovers the joys of painting

Artist Bio

Alan Pierrot was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1940.  After careers as an orthopedic surgeon and health care executive, he painted for the first time in 2006.  His art education has been self-directed though guided by master artists through workshops, videos and one on one mentoring.   He works almost entirely in oils.  He lives with his wife, Judie, in Fresno, California.

Artist’s Statement

I like to paint, especially in oils.  I like the challenge of it.  I never grow tired of the pursuit of depth, dimension, perspective, clarity and mystery on a two-dimension surface.  When I am successful, I find the product, the painting, to be timeless for me.  I don’t tire of looking at it, asking questions of it, considering alternatives to it.  It is an exploration without end but filled with wonderment, like opening a present within a present.

Sometimes I wonder if my paintings, taken together, are a pictorial representation of a common occurrence in my former profession, a counseling session with a patient.  I see my art as my attempt to show to others the beauty in life and our surroundings, the expression of a fresh perspective, the demonstration of a healthier reality grounded in clarity and light and depth and accuracy of observation.  Fuzzy thinking and fuzzy art trouble me.  So here I am, looking for that balance between accuracy and mystery, line and dimension, range and focus, color and harmony, accuracy and expression, and wondering with each painting whether I’ve met the standard, learned a skill, conveyed an idea, and, most of all, produced something enjoyable and engaging.  Like orthopedic surgery, painting well isn’t easy, and that’s the challenge of it and the joy of it.

My sincere thanks to a number of artists who were so encouraging in the early days when I was wondering what in the world I was doing thinking I could be a painter.  Marsha McAllister, Ann Walbert, Bryn Barnard, Tory Raggett and Nancy Maron come immediately to mind.  What a gift they gave to me.  I am also so appreciative of the masters who have helped me improve through their teachings in books, workshops and videos.  Richard Schmid’s writings on talent were emancipating.  Other gifted instructors whose videos or workshops were invaluable include Michael Siegel, Gregg Kreutz, Quang Ho, Bill Davidson, David Cheifetz and Daniel Keys.  Most supportive of them all has been my wonderful wife of 49 years, Judie.

Alan Pierrot

October 2016

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