Exploiting Liz’s Abode


A bungalow belonging to my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, is being rented out.

A portrait by Warhol – Liz’s dead friend – adds to the bragging rights the guests may enjoy without being called “insane”. Money talks – even after death! Can you talk to her ghost?

Christine Rosamond’s beautiful women were hung by a Realtor as staging when her home in Pebble Beach was put on the market – after she was dead! Here is High Class Fashion Moda. If the Warhol is real, then it was auctioned off with Liz’s fashionable dresses. To hang the original artwork of the diseased artist, is to create a museum, that is not open to the public, and is there for the sole reason of making money. To decorate a room around the painting of a famous movie star – painted by an artist who made movies – is to create a Vain Stage where narcissists may roam in their need to be the center of attention.

Christine posed for her image ‘Cleo’. Here is the Phantom of the Opera creating a new stage for his star. I wonder if I can cash in? Perhaps I can conduct a tour? I could be on call to come give an art lesson to the guests. I could wear a tux and drink non-alcoholic wine.  Would they save the glass I drank from?

Jon Presco


christine11christine13 christine14

pebble5 pebble6 elizart8liz1liz15elizart6





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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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