What About Brothers-In-laws?


I don’t get it. Here is a father who sired a daughter, who was in a famous artist’s Will, and he’s got better books to read. How did Stacey come to own what was left to Shannon Rosamond, the adult Heir – who dropped out of sight for seven years. No one believed she was Christine’s daughter. My niece should have run the Rosamond Gallery, and controlled the Brand name.  Instead, I get an e-mail from a collector asking me to verify who Shannon is. Stacey, Snyder, Vicki, and Mark destroyed Christine and my reputation, too. The A team wanted to own everything so they could go for the movie. That’s where the money – was. I thought Larry and I could represent Family Unity. Wrong! Sydney Morris destroyed another Creative Family Legacy. Creative People can not create in this treacherous environment where Business Parasites – thrive!


When I read this, after not getting a response from Larry Sidle for three weeks, I tried to make a picture.

“I’m in the hospital I’ll text you when I can Peice brother

I can’t see


I think Larry started to text my name, then realized – he just told me he can’t see. I see him in a hospital with bandages on his eyes, and the nurse asks him if she can bring him anything.

“I would like my cellphone, please!”

I once was blind, but, now I see!

I LOOKED thru past messages, and it is not CLEAR Larry read my book. I suspect he is a speed reader because he says he’s got 6 books lined up.

“I looked thru the book… found the place were she drowned.. I assume
the report he referred to… was the disgruntled family member.. suggesting murder… was you.. SUMTHIN is fishey!… I feel that …. but I’m jus an old part of tyme …. in a world … that no longer exists …It might honor Chris’s legacy to use your gift to reflect the truth of the unspoken word of the………

minds picture …. that you hold the key to revealing the vocabulary of thru your images… and can dismiss any question about the chicken an the egg… and also pay your tribute to the beauty and artistic style that Chris brought to be her trademark style.
tho the feminine touch might be a lil tricky to capture

I’ll look for the kindergarten piece.. but
I’m not going read the book from front back…. until I am in a better space … rite now Greg I have trubble seeing any reason to keep goin…
An I KNO thinkin about those days … leaves me with a ton of regrets and
life these days iz painful enuff.
But  I worry about you .. I kno yer ass quit bleeding … that happens to me too!
But you’re gifted… and can use your energy is much more productive ways…. you can still prove who you are …. by painting… or drawing and why choose to use a medium where you are not being taken seriously ?..

AN have 6 books to read Jus finished Malcom Nance’a ‘The hacking of america’ No no SSI yet… my taxes are paid… but not showin the 40th point yet Big mess… but I am hangin on They’re tryin to drive me nutz by suin me for $$..and litagatin me crazy … makin me go to two courts on same day… ect”

Wow! There’s a lot of paperwork here! Larry could read himself to death. Then, he hits on the Red Baron dilemma……

tho the feminine touch might be a lil tricky to capture

No problem – for some people! Here is Sara Moon Man.


I never tried to prove murder. My detective friend said;

“Now that we know they lied, once, we have to consider all possibilities, including murder!”
I sent OUR report to the Coroner and the Pinecone, who showed it to Stacey, who used it as a smokescreen. I wrote the Executor and told him he does not have a death scene. They made me out to be insane. Give me your death scene, assholes! Larry reads their word “disgruntled” written by their ghost writer, who wrote a tourist book – and he runs with it – takes all the line off the real! I posted on the theory they were fishing – ten years ago! Christine was up in the house getting ready for her sober birthday party, when Vicki comes running up the hill and says Drew is in the water. Her and my nephew were fishing. Christine runs out of the house – without a jacket on – and jumps it to save her daughter, because, Shamus is afraid to go into the water.

So, why did they lie? They wanted to make a movie from the book they write, and, it would not look good to see adults standing around while a nine year old child drowns. But, that is what they teach. Whole families get wiped out trying to save – the first one! They lied FOR MONEY! When I didn’t buy it – THEY GOT RID OF ME – FOR MONEY! This is almost like murder. Did they ever consider murder when they thought about – THE MONEY?

Read this, written by John Detro for the Carmel Pinecone. Vicki said our sister had nightmares about the water. Vicki suggests they go to town and rent fishing pole. Two weeks after Christine died, my father told me Vicki and her son stopped by and got his fishing poles out of the shed – before they drove to Rocky Point. Why did they disappear Vic’s poles – that he never got back! Shamus went into the shed for the poles. Then, he takes Drew down to fish – at high tide! Did he check vital statistics? Mystery solved!

No one talks about their brother-in-law. Why? Is it because they are all – NUTS? All of a sudden – LARRY CAN SEE! Instead of reading Snyder’s lying book, Larry tells me he just finished ‘The Plot To Hack America’.  Of course I am incredulous, and wonder if he has gone over to the Dark Side, and, has been talking to Julie Lynch, and, is going to give her many juicy tales for her HBO series ‘Before The Wave’. I told Larry we should do a REALITY show. I told him about Svetlana. If Larry reads this, he will try to get a hold of Lynch, if he hasn’t already. Have I corrupted him?



“Hey Greg …. I have a growth on my right eye… jus under my eye.. and it’s become very annoying an painful … I was in hospital gettin it removed … An you were textin me when I couldn’t reply… don’t trip… I got no idea wat yer talkin about…

Jesus, also spoke in riddles!

4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? 5You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. 6Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.…

I have never been able to judge Larry. Like everyone else, I saw he was not the right guy for Christine. He was not good looking, for starters. But, he’s now family! He was fresh meat. I studied how he changed the family dynamics. He got my sister pregnant, and, she delivered the first baby amongst her siblings. Now we had two outsiders.

Shannon and Larry – are nuts! I have had long conversations with them on facebook message. I got much out of them. Did Shannon read my blog about her father, contacted him, and now they are a team – like never before! They have not talked in years. There are accusations. Larry asks me if I am “trippen”.

After I tell Larry the secret as to why – no man was good enough – he swipes the pic of the Nuns. If his authoring a auto-biography, it will be tiled ‘I Was Their Jew’?

It doesn’t stop. Not even God-Jesus could make it stop. This is why I have love for Larry. He is unstoppable. God made him this way.

I have concluded life is a jigsaw puzzle, and, only two pieces are a match! Your job is to find the missing mate, interlock them – and die! Larry and I might be those two pieces. This is to say, the conspiracy to get in my sister’s pants, was just a disguise. Larry wanted a brother. However, he did not want to be my brother’s brother. My brother suffers from ‘Crib Envy’ if he is still alive. He disappeared himself five years ago. Rosemary forced Mark to put his arm around me. Every time we went thru the family photos, she saved the best for last. She got a good laugh when beholding the sour look once again.

Nope! Not a match!

Perhaps Larry and I are destined to ride The Last Wave together, because, the end of our lives, and the world, will coincide. Larry and I are………….Coinsiders!

Come on Larry. Stop being so selfish. You claimed you surfed for years. You know the tide is key. Here is the chart for the day your ex-wife drowned. I sent you this. Now, go read how Snyder says my nine year old niece dipped her hand into tide-pools that don’t exist – at HIGH TIDE! Do it for Rosamond’s fans! Do it for the Art World. Give us your expert opinion! Here is what Tom Snyder wrote.

“It is not quite ten-thirty in the morning and Vicki asks about the
tide. Christine says it is low, based on her frequent excursions to
Point Lobos with Drew. The ocean seems calm, ordinary.”

Vicki is right there! She was in the Navy. Why is she asking Christine about the tide? ANSWER……….because she is dead and can not give her version of events. Her frequent trips? Tides happen at all times. What Snyder is doing is comparing Rocky Point to Point Lobos, saying they look the same – at low tide! BULLSHIT! This is a fucking liar playing with the children in my family! What do you say, Larry! You aren’t that sensitive, to open YOUR EYES and take a look! Indeed, you looked like you served on more than one Pirate vessel. ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ is a book of lies. Stop lying to me Larry!

Look at that first video, Larry. What is the key thing you SEE? ANSWER: the parents are watching their children like hawks. They would never turn their back on there children, they ready to swoop in at the slightest hint of DANGER! Christine was not drunk when she allegedly sat on a rock with her back to the ocean, and said;

“If a giant wave came right now, I could be dragged in – and drown!”

These are the words Vicki heard, and did not have time to grab Drew – and run – before the ‘The Giant Wave of the Prophetess’ struck – without warning!


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“Of course adventures rarely go as planned. The properties main
gate is unexpectadly locked, so Christine goes in search of help.
She finds it in the neighbor, a attorney Donald Layne. Of imposing
size and intelligence, Layne is also blessed with a generous nature.
None of this is lost on 46-year-old Christine. At just over five-
foot five, she is a perennial fashion plate model and man-pleaser. Even
for this casual outing, she is wearing tailored tan slacks and a
white tunic-style blouse topped by a short jacket in soft, muted-
brown leather – distinctively styled with two snaps at the waist.
The sleeves were turned up, revealing the satin lining and a hint of
a forearm. A remote transmitter is finally located for the security
gate. Christine tells Layne that she and others are excited about
exploring a small cove to search for any treasures left by the sea.
Layne knows the shoreline well. That evening, he sounds a WARNING
note. “IF you go down to the ocean,” he tells Christine, “have a
care”. In the morning, under a windless sky……”

Note that Mr. Layne said “If” after he has been told they have come
to Rocky Point to explore a cove with sandy beach. How did they know
this cove existed? It appears to me they have rented this beach house
for the “beach party” Mr. Pierrot said she was going to attend, and
very possibly Layne held the keys to the house, and code for the
gate? I believe he did give a strong warning due to a fisherman being
washed from the same rocks the week before. On top of his warning
would come the warning from the strong wind that was blowing early
that morning. Remove the wind, and you remove the danger, as well as
the strong warning from Layne? Did he tell the party of four
about the fisherman’s fate the previous weekend? If so, why did
Vicki suggest in the ‘Pinecone’ account that they go rent fishing
poles? Vic claims they had his poles.


Wed 1:15pm

I asked your for a review of Snyder’s book.

As a surfer, I want your opinion of my sister’s death scene.Are you going to provide it? Yes or no?


“An you were textin me when I couldn’t reply… don’t trip… I got no idea wat yer talkin about… this trump shit has everyone actin like .. I dunno… edgy ?… to say the very least I haven’t been able to read ‘close yer eyes’… not cause I read fast or slo…, jus because it’s too painful and I kno it all sounds fishy… how Chris could drown….

The only parts I KNEW about were bullshit Scott hale iz a high school friend He was after chris wen I was away He’s a punk

AN have 6 books to read Jus finished Malcom Nance’a ‘The hacking of america’

I can’t follow all yer links to yer blog…. I jus don’t have enuff tyme to read it all… you are a very prolific writer… and THAT much energy … wood produce a library of art that will survive us… and the questions and answers will be surrounding the images of yours… as they are yer seesters now… it’s in yer blood!
Don’t fight it… !..Chris lives in my heart… and is in my music… she is a part of

I haven’t read the book… I looked thru it a lil bit… it’s all bullshit … I read it Sumday But I’m in court t’day an don’t need this Peice on earth

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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