Is Larry Sidle Hoodwinking Me?


Two months ago I told my ex-brother-in-law about the two books Pierrot published. For a month I have been waiting for some feedback. I’ve been given the run-a-round. I’ve been, stalled – diverted! Three hours ago I put the screws to him, and got this……

“I’m in the hospital I’ll text you when I can. Peice brother. I can’t see.”

Larry is being evicted, and is desperate. Does he need money – badly? His daughter, Shannon Rosamond, wants nothing to do with him. We talked about burying one another. After reading those two books, and my blog, did a light bulb go off over his head? Look at that face. Is it not full of hippie brotherly love? Four days ago I asked for his phone number, and address. No response. Now, this lost of sight that prevents him from texting me………….Hey! Wait a minute! Do you think this is the last I hear from Larry?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


deceive or trick (someone).

“an attempt to hoodwink the public”
synonyms: deceive, trick, dupe, outwit, fool, delude, inveigle, cheat, take in, hoax, mislead, lead on, defraud, double-cross, swindle, gull, scam; More

informalcon, bamboozle, hornswoggle, fleece, do, have, sting, gyp, shaft, rip off, lead up the garden path, pull a fast one on, put one over on, take for a ride, pull the wool over someone’s eyes, sucker, snooker;
“Jimmy was hoodwinked by his own brother”



About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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