A Tragic Newspaper Man

I have been working on the first book of my trilogy ‘Capturing Beauty’. I would like to publish it for FREE in my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press, but, I fear there will be cuts to the Social Security and Medicaid I get, and I will end up homeless in the street. I need a pay day. This may have been the fate of my grandfather, who was terribly crippled in a car accident. He lived on the third floor of an old Victorian where he may have tutored a young man or two in the art of poetry. Why not a young woman?

The first chapter of my book is titled…………’We Lost Beautiful Eutropia’.

This is a story Royal Rosamond could not write, and dare not go to a place where it could be recalled. It is the underlying family tragedy that was the mold that all the pathos my kindred experienced is poured into. I heard two references to it.

“He was severely wounded in the war. He had a metal plate in his head that drove him crazy. He shot his wife in a fit. Eutropia was so beautiful.”

When I went to Arizona to visit my surviving sister, she showed me a box left to her by our father when he died. There was a cellophane envelope containging negatives. If I had not come along, and if I were not me, and f I were not the sole reporter for my newspaper, these image would not have seen the light of the day, would not have been exposed. What I beheld, was mind-altering. Apparently Eutropia was modeling for my grandfather. She struck a pose. He was the one who took the photographs. He captured the image above, which is harrowing to me, for it looks like a prelude to murder. The body language screams at you. Something is terribly wrong – and it is not going to get better!

I have been staring at these images for five years. Three weeks ago, I found the diary Euthropia wrote when she and her family drove from Iowa to Ventura by the Sea. The question I asked, did the Rosamond’s expect them? Eutropia did not mention her cousin Mary. She does not say she is going to be happy to see her, her husband, and her four beautiful daughters. What message do you read on Eutropia’s face?

Let me give you a clue that you really get from the dozen photos……these people are very hungry. She is a devout Catholic, and a martyr. She is desperately trying to FORGIVE everyone for the fate of her children, her husband, and alas, herself. She believes Jesus is going to take care of everyone, and provide a happy ending. They were buried side my side. Mary Magdalene Rosamond raised her two nephews, and her four daughter…..by herself. She made hats.

I always wondered what happened to John Kelly – after he shot Eutropia. I have looked for police reports and court records. A week ago I found this;

Death of Wife

His wife Eutropia Maude passed away on September 15, 1923, in Ventura, California, at the age of 33. They had been married 12 years.

Eutropia Maude Wieneke 


15 September 1923 • Ventura, Ventura, California, USA

  • Death

    John Martin Kelly died on September 16, 1923, in Ventura, California, when he was 39 years old.

    They died a day apart. There was not time for a trial and execution. They were buried side by side. Eutrophia died 11 days before my mother was born. The other mystery, is, what became of the child we see standing on the car? Is this the car they drove from Iowa? What happened? Was John hunted down and shot like a mad dog? Who did the hunting? I thought about murder-suicide, but, the Kelly’s died a day apart. John suffered a severe head-trauma in the war. His frontal bone was depressed ad this caused hemorrhaging. Bone and blood clots were removed. He say he made $500 dollars farming in 1914. Now, he can not work. No one will help him and his family. He is being thrown away. The big question is, how did Frank Rosamond receive John? Did he invite him to come live with them? Or, was he in shock, he angry because he was “bound” out after his mother and sister’s died. Did Royal try to get John work, and failing, he is saying goodbye – with a Kodac!

    “Sorry! I got too many mouths to feed as it is!”

  • Here is the article that appeared in the article that was published in the Oklahoman. Three newspapermen have  come up to see him in his loft. They talk about him being crippled, and how he longs to be reunited with his four daughter. They are promoting him. He operates a newspaper stand and sells their newspapers. Gem Publishing is at the address of this attic. I am wondering if the owner, or, someone at the Oklahoman, is printing his book, and his newspaper ‘Bright Stories’. If so, this puts Royal Rosamond in a very unique position. He may be considered the first blogger. Did he sell his books and paper out of his newsstand?What all this adds up to, is my people were in desperate need of help. There is no welfare, child protection, help for a veteran who can not work, no birth control, no nothing. You had your family, but, they might be as worse off as you.
  • Today, Trumpcare went down to defeat. Republicans were hearing from their constituents that they hated it, because it would kick 24 million folks off healthcare. Other programs were going to be cut. Many Republican voters claim they are Christians. All of  sudden the little people realized their kin would be showing up at there door, along with their parents after they were kicked out of the rest home. All of a sudden – it got real! Poor Republicans were being asked t help kill-off their kindred so the rich Republicans could have more millions. What made America Great in the first place? The stories of the poor suffering, broken patriots who try to overcome all the obstacles put before them, and, they don’t have  a penny in their pocket. Why did all those millionaires fail today? Because they are lazy – and Godless!
  • I never bought the reason why Mary told Royal not to come home – ever again – when he was back east trying to get a book contract. Many men go into the Ozark Mountains to hide. No one messes with a Rosamond.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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