Russian Spy Has Sex With FBI

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Two years ago I posted this prophetic post, that now has much meaning with the election of Trump who judged beauty contests in Russia. If you watched MSNBC tonight, you know it is coming unwound. President Nixon is now a model. In 1970 Rena told me one of her sisters was the mistress of Robert Vesco, who was close with Bebe Reboso, Nixon’s close friend. All three of Rena’s sisters were fashion models. She had spent the previous summer with her sister in Washington D.C. She told me she was not happy with what her sisters were involved in. Rena was a very good lover, and very aggressive.

The age of consent is seventeen in Nebraska. I suspected her sister in Washington was hooking her up with rich and powerful men. Did she go for it, once of twice? Did this sister introduce her to her husband that was thirty years her senior. Sir Ian Easton worked for the British Defense School that sustains the relationship between the U.S. and Britain. Today, Parlaiment met. Our President’s pussy grabbing was brought us. Trump made it a habit of walking in on naked beauty contestants. I wonder back in 1970 if there was a club that preyed upon beautiful women all over the world. Could a real beauty fetch a million dollars? How much would a wife cost, her genetic material, that would guarantee a Lord or a Sir, sire beautiful children.

After I backed Dan Wayland off with the threat I would inform my Congressman of this stalking order, I wondered why Rena’s husband, a real cattle producer, did not call me, and back me down. I found out they were divorced. Rena had lied to me. Now knowing THEY were reading my blog, I wondered what spooked them. I had posted on Rena staying at the Harkin’s home. Then, the answer appear.

There is a Russian Spy who seduced an FBI agent. Would I get the FBI involved if my newspaper was a target? Look at the date of the post on Svetlana. THEY would not have to go far into my archive. This is what freaked them out. Had Sparky found Rena for me? Was he on to something? Bruce and Svetlana were hiring ex-convicts to smuggle used computer into the USSR. Why used? What did they want from me?

It appears the Donald Trump thinks he invented Sex The Cold War Weapon, and, is having trouble believing he is a victim of SCWW. Our Animal Instincts are very powerful. This is why we have a church ever ten blocks.

Jon Presco

“Attorneys for Mr. Miller, who will be tried separately, asserted in court papers earlier this year that in having an affair with a purported Soviet operative Mr. Miller did nothing that other F.B.I. agents have not done. Mr. Miller contends that he was attempting to use the Ogorodnikovs to infiltrate Soviet intelligence.”

LOS ANGELES, April 26— Svetlana Ogorodnikov, who is being tried on charges that she recruited an F.B.I. agent to spy for the Soviet Union, burst into tears in court today when another former F.B.I. agent testified that she had invited him to have sex.

”Why you lie – liar!” Mrs. Ogorodnikov declared, interrupting the testimony of the former agent, John E. Hunt, who had been describing a dinner meeting he had with her in June 1982.

Mrs. Ogorodnikov is being tried with her husband, Nikolay, on charges that they conspired with Richard W. Miller, who was then an F.B.I. agent, to pass classified documents to the Soviet Union.

Mrs. Ogorodnikov, who is 34 years old, has contended in court papers that her activities with F.B.I. agents had been in connection with her role as an F.B.I. informer. She said she had had an affair with Mr. Hunt when he was assigned to her case, and later with Mr. Miller. The Government has denied that Mr. Hunt was involved in an intimate relationship with her.

Purpose of Meeting Described

Mr. Hunt described in his testimony a series of meetings he held with Mrs. Ogorodnikov in 1982 in an effort to get her to provide information to the F.B.I. about officials of the Soviet consulate in San Francisco.

Mrs. Ogorodnikov, a Russian who immigrated to the United States with her husband and son in a period of relaxed Soviet emigration policies toward Russian Jews in 1973, had distributed Russian films here with the help of consular officials and had gained their acquaintance, he testified.

But after February 1982, he said, Mrs. Ogorodnikov vacillated as to whether she would cooperate with the bureau and whether she would continue to meet wih him.

Mr. Hunt testified that the June 6 meeting ”was more to build rapport than to obtain information.” They went to a Hollywood cocktail lounge for drinks, and on departing Mrs. Ogorodnikov suddenly told him, he testified: ”I love you. Can’t we go someplace?”

Mrs. Ogorodnikov’s first outburst came at that point.

Mr. Hunt, pressing on, said that he refused and took Mrs. Ogorodnikov home. He said she had told him, ”Well, if you won’t take me, I’m going to go find somebody else who will.”

Mrs. Ogorodnikov then denounced Mr. Hunt as a liar again, continuing to speak until Judge David V. Kenyon Jr. called a temporary recess.

Government’s Assertion

In its opening statement to the jury, the Government portrayed Mrs. Ogorodnikov as using sex and money to draw Mr. Miller, who was described as a troubled man with career and marital problems, into obtaining secret documents for the Soviet Union.

Attorneys for Mr. Miller, who will be tried separately, asserted in court papers earlier this year that in having an affair with a purported Soviet operative Mr. Miller did nothing that other F.B.I. agents have not done. Mr. Miller contends that he was attempting to use the Ogorodnikovs to infiltrate Soviet intelligence.

Mr. Hunt testified that he first asked Mrs. Ogorodnikov to cooperate wih the F.B.I. in February 1982 and that she turned him down. After several other meetings, he testified, she telephoned to ask for a meeting, and they met May 19.

Mr. Hunt said she told him at that meeting that she wanted ”to warn me” about her best friend, Nina Thomas. ”She said Nina Thomas in the past had deliberately involved married men in extramarital affairs and then attempted to blackmail them,” Mr. Hunt testified.

Consul’s Character Described

Mr. Hunt, who is married and a grandfather, said he told her ”there was nothing to be concerned about.” Last week Richard Kendall, a prosecutor in the case, said Mrs. Ogorodnikov had identified Nina Thomas to the F.B.I. as a K.G.B. informer.

Mrs. Ogorodnikov remained generally reluctant in the spring of 1982 to divulge information about Soviet consular officials, Mr. Hunt told the jury. But at a meeting in April she talked in detail about the character and foibles of the man who was then consul general in San Francisco, who was identified in court only by his last name, Chikvaidze.

Mr. Hunt said she told him that Mr. Chikvaidze, a Soviet Georgian, ”had an alcohol problem, was a womanizer,” was not accepted by his staff and had trouble controlling them, Mr. Hunt testified.

The former agent testified that she confided a bit about her personal life at that time, telling him she wanted to divorce her husband and that if she did ”she would be happy to tell me everything she knew.”

Photo of Svetlana Ogorodnikov (ABC/Gamma-Laison)

“WASHINGTON — Milo Yiannopoulos, a polemical Breitbart editor and unapologetic defender of the alt-right, tested the limits of how far his provocations could go after the publication of a video in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13 and laughs off the seriousness of pedophilia by Roman Catholic priests.

On Monday, the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference rescinded their invitation for him to speak this week. Simon & Schuster said it was canceling publication of “Dangerous” after standing by him through weeks of criticism of the deal. And Breitbart itself was reportedly reconsidering his role amid calls online for it to sever ties with him.

Mr. Yiannopoulos’s comments, which quickly created an uproar online over the weekend, put many conservatives in a deeply uncomfortable position. They have long defended Mr. Yiannopoulos’s attention-seeking stunts and racially charged antics on the grounds that the left had tried to hypocritically censor his right to free speech.

The Spy Who Loved Too Much

I met Bruce Perlowin through my friend Michael Harkins.

Perlowin’s wife, Svetlana, is no stranger to CBS’ 60 Minutes. In 1984, Sveltana Ogorodnikov was convicted of being a Russian spy. The ‘Spy Who Couldn’t Go Home’ scandal was the most watched 60 Minutes show in their history. She was also featured on “The Best of 60 Minutes for the decade of the 80’s, “Mike Wallace Remembers 25 years of 60 Minutes,” and “35 years of 60 Minutes.” Additionally, Perlowin’s co-founder of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Don Steinberg, was also featured on 60 Minutes for his role as the largest marijuana smuggler in US history, back in the 70’s.

Svetlana, Perlowin’s wife of 35 years, is also one of the co-founders and one of the largest shareholders of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP). On the horizon for the couple, is a major motion picture on Perlowin’s life as the ‘King of Pot’ as featured on CNBC’s “Marijuana, Inc. Inside America’s Pot Industry” in 2008, which was the most watched documentary in CNBC history. The documentary is still re-airing 4 years later. (

Even with mass publicity, a Discovery Channel show, a motion picture in the works and a reality show featuring the company’s products (in which three segments have already been filmed), Perlowin remains humble and is proud of how other marijuana companies are moving forward. “It’s gratifying to see the concept and company that I founded soar to new heights as the new management gets national media recognition. Although I have moved on to another venture in the same industry, I am proud that my legacy is provoking worldwide interest,” Perlowin stated.

Rena Easton as Irene Westhaven

renasboat renashouse renashusb



Yesterday I realized Rena lied to me when she said she was not interested in becoming a model like her three older sisters after she saw what this profession had done to them. One of them was the mistress of Robert Vesco who prepared Donald Trump’s way.

In 1970, Rena left Grand Island Nebraska with her twenty-six year old lover. She was seventeen. They got out of the car at Venice Beach where Rena paraded around in a bikini that I and my good friend beheld her in on Pismo Beach. This friend kidnapped her, drove three hundred yards down the beach until he turned around. Rena had demanded he go back and get me. Consider Paris and Helen of Troy. He had to have her after beholding her beauty at the Beauty Contest he judged. All hell breaks lose. Casandra freaks out.

“There is the face that launched a thousand ships!

Rena and her lover did not get out of the car on Nob Hill,so folks can see her beautiful face. She told me one of her sisters was going to be on the cover of a magazine – wearing a bikini. What fourteen year old would not want to be a top model like her older sisters? I think it was the sisters, and Rena’s grandmother – whom she lived with – who discouraged her.

No sooner on Venice Beach, knocking them dead, then Lover-Boy calls the muscle guys working out “FAGS!” Six of them chased this Nebraskan down the boardwalk, catch him, and put him in the hospital. That evening Rena and I meet. Her ride on the Faggot Wagon had come to an end. All this way, and no further. She did not have clue where he went. She had waited by the Venice Pier for fourteen hours, until I cam along at 3:00 A.M. I was the Last Man Standing, who looked down on the crashing waves, and asked;

“Where are you?”

How could she betray a beautiful poet?

Rena married Admiral Sir Ian Easton who entered ‘White Crusader’ in America’s Cup. That is the White Crusader racing America’s entry in the photo above. Did Rena marry the real James Bond?

My Muse and I went swimming at Monte Rio Beach about ten times. She would not allow me in the water with her because she put on a show, a beauty contest, that blew the competition out of the water. I title her a Kraken.

Before she sent me her long letter she wrote on Christmas, I found her house she lives in pictured above. She informed me she was with her second husband living on a hill overlooking his cattle ranch. They were divorced. She lied.

I have depicted Rena as the American Eagle. Look at her eyes! To see Miss U.S.A swoop on stage as this eagle, blew my mind. She was going for the Redneck Tea Party vote. I think Rena wanted to slip me in her back pocket with the other Trophy-Lovers she collected. Then she read her seventeen year old self – was still the star of my show! At sixty-one, she got very possessive. What a trip! With Thomas Hart Benton’s collaboration with John Steinbeck, we are looking at Great California Love Story.

When we went to get her things at this pad on the beach, one of the dudes who lived there, was on acid. He made whistling sounds, held out his finger and said;

“Come pretty bird! Come sit on my finger!”

I saved my muse whom I had asked to come into my life.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

“Don Roscoe and Humphrey Bogart had many things in common, the foremost being, they owned yachts that were far superior to Jack London’s wreck ‘The Snark’. On the San Francisco Bay, one could see Don’s yacht ‘Bohemian Roe’ racing Bogies Boat ‘Santana’ past Alcatraz Island. Every other boat owner looked on in awe. From the Berkeley Hills you could make out this incredible sight that American Intellectuals titled ‘The Zenith of Western Culture’. This infuriated the Swells in Los Angeles, and other Hollywood Stars who were befuddled. The Kennedy family took note, and shrugged their shoulders.”

lon11 lon21repub9

Rena had graduated from high school, and was looking to go on adventure. Her grandmother did not have the money to send her to Europe, so she set out on a Road Trip with her boyfriend.

After I rescued Andromeda from the Sea Monster, I took her North, into the California Redwoods. I showed Rena the Giant Sequoia on our way to the Russian River. Having an alcoholic father, I don’t think Rena was ever sent away to Camp. In desperate need of a place to swim I took my beautiful muse to the beach at Monte Rio. Eureka, she had found it, her perfect Summer Vacation spot. Here this straight A student could take a well deserved time-out before attending the University of Nebraska.

Easton joined the Royal Navy in 1931 and qualified as a pilot at the start of World War II in which he saw active service on aircraft carriers.[1] On 4 January 1941, flying a Fairey Fulmar of 803 Squadron from HMS Formidable during a raid on Dakar he force landed, with his aircrewman Naval Airman James Burkey and was taken prisoner and held by the Vichy French at a camp near Timbuktu until released in November 1942.[2] He was appointed Assistant Director of the Tactical and Weapons Policy Division at the Admiralty in 1960 and was seconded to the Royal Australian Navy as Captain of HMAS Watson in 1962.[1] He went on to be Naval Assistant to the Naval Member of the Templer Committee on Rationalisation of Air Power in 1965, Director of Naval Tactical and Weapons Policy Division at the Admiralty in 1966 and Captain of the aircraft carrier HMS Triumph in 1968.[1] After that he was made Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy) in 1969, Flag Officer for the Admiralty Interview Board in 1971 and Head of British Defence Staff and Senior Defence Attaché in Washington, D.C. in 1973.[1] He last posting was as Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1976: he commissioned armourial bearings for the College which were presented during a visit by the Queen in November 1977.[3] He retired in 1978.[1]

repub21 repub23


Among the charges that emerged during the 1970s, the SEC accused Vesco of embezzling $220 million from four different IOS funds. During 1973, Vesco fled to Costa Rica. Shortly before his departure, hoping to end the SEC investigation into his activities, Vesco routed substantial contributions to Richard Nixon through Nixon’s nephew Donald A. Nixon.

Vesco was also investigated for a secret $200,000 contribution made to the 1972 campaign to re-elect Nixon. As counsel to International Controls Corporation, New Jersey lawyer Harry L. Sears delivered the contribution to Maurice Stans, finance chairman for the Committee to Re-elect the President. Vesco had wanted Attorney General John N. Mitchell to intercede on his behalf with SEC chairman William J. Casey. While Vesco fled the country, Stans, Mitchell, and Sears were indicted for obstruction of justice, though charges against all three were dismissed.[9]

FREMANTLE, Australia — New Zealand syndicate officials, no strangers to boat construction controversy, threatened Friday to protest Britain’s use of a new keel cast in Australia.

The officials charge the keel for Britain’s White Crusader was cast in Perth despite a stipulation that boats challenging for the America’s Cup must be designed and built in the country of the challenging club.

White Crusader Syndicate Director Ian Easton admitted the keel was cast in Australia but said a replacement of the original keel was considered a modification and allowed. Easton refused to say if the new keel has been used yet on White Crusader.

Easton said the cost of molding a complete new keel in the country of origin plus flying it to Australia would be prohibitive and ‘greatly favor the defenders over the challengers.’

‘The rules are very clear, like black and white,’ said KZ7 Syndicate Chairman Michael Fay. ‘I don’t believe the British would be sailing with a keel that isn’t legal. I don’t think they would jeopardize the points earned so far.’

FREMANTLE, Australia — Body searches of America’s Cup crews may be necessary if race officials suspect the use of pocket-size devices providing up-to-the-minute weather information, an official with Great Britain’s White Crusader Challenge said Friday.

Ian Easton, a director of the syndicate, said he believed at least one challenging team was using the illegal visual pager system. If true, that would violate the rule disallowing transmission of any weather reports to a competing yacht after the 10-minute warning gun is fired.

“If the race committee instituted a search of a boat before the start of a race, it should look at asking crewmen to empty their pockets,” Easton said.

“These devices are quite small and can be easily hidden–or thrown overboard for that matter.”

Easton said he is not prepared to name the syndicate he suspects.

“There is some evidence, but not enough” to go to race officials, he said. “It would be awful if the Cup was won by a crew using these devices.”

From the Royal Thames Yacht Club, White Crusader was designed by Ian Howlett and was a traditional 12 metre design evolved from the DeSavery Lionhart ’83 boat of the previous Americas Cup event. However, White Crusader II was a radical design and designed by David Hollam. This second boat was used as a trial horse against White Crusader, but the team eventually decided to use the more conventional designed boat. Tank testing was carried out at Southampton University and HMS Haslar. The deadline for acceptance of challenges was 1 April 1986 and Admiral Sir Ian Easton wrote his own personal cheque for $16,000 as an entry fee deposit. Harold Cudmore acted as skipper-tactician and starting helmsman who then handed over the helm to Chris Law for the remainder of each races. Both boats were originally named simply Crusader One and Two but the “White” part of their names were added when millionaire Graham Walker (Of White Horse whiskey fame) gave heavy sponsorship to the British challengers at the last minute before the event started so the “White” was added to their names.

To my chagrin, after beholding her in her bikini, she would not let me in the water with her, for in the water this Danish…

devoured two men who were putting the make on her while she was swimming. When we left the Monte Rio beach I noticed a empty towel and a portable radio playing “She was a gypsy woman.”

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