A Liberal Tea Party?

We need to form a Western Trade Union that will befriend Canada and the European Union. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the European Union on Thursday as an unprecedented model for peaceful cooperation, in a speech to EU lawmakers that contrasted sharply with the critical stance of U.S. President Donald Trump.
Speaking to the European Parliament a day after it backed a comprehensive free trade deal between Canada and the EU known as CETA, Trudeau said the 28-nation bloc had a crucial global role to play.
By contrast, Trump has questioned the value and future of the EU and has applauded Britain’s shock decision to leave it.


Rosamond Press


There is talk about forming a liberal Tea Party. May I suggest Fremont’s flag be adopted, and Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon be our leading representative. I suggest our main focus is to halve the military share of the tax pie, and have it go to rebuild our infrastructure, build low-cost housing, and improve and expand Obamacare. Let us create  a new National Endowment For The Arts, and the Bohemian Lifestyle and Service Network. Seventy percent of Americans work in the service industry.

Secession is not my main theme. The Red State Tea Party used secession as a tool to fire up their base. Trump has threatened to defund California and other Sanctuary States. During the Civil War, traitors in the red states, terrorized Union shipping and citizens. Many unarmed Patriots were murdered on the high seas! Fremont considered forming a new Western Nation. The Republicans are allowing their President to terrorize U.S. Citizens, make them…

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