The Cowgirlization of Melania

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After ten days of Bannon, the nation has had it with his bullshit. We’re done with watching his boss, make an ass of himself! The only person that can save us now, is Melania. We need a real distraction other then that fake Muslim ban. We need to see the Cowgirlization of Melania Trump. Give the people what we want. We want to watch her mount a horse, from the rear. We want healthy rear shots once a week on her own show. ‘Even Foreign Cowgirls Get The Blues’.

Get rid of Bannon and his fake redneck beer-belly that he started in Harvard when he went out drinking with his lawyer buddies – with silver spoons sticking out their ass!

Check out the crosses on this cornhusker! How can anyone take that whiney guttural twang, that magpie music full of feel-sorry-for-me woe. Got drunk again! Lost my dog and my babe. But my wrinkley momma, still makes me apple pie.

Whatever! If it can bring us all together, put us in forgiving mood, then – twang away!

There’s a message in this song for true blue Americans, who have noticed how he ignores her, pretends she ain’t there. He never holds her hand, or, check out her derrierre.

I think we got a new National Anthem! When they play it at the Super Bowl, and, when it ends, and after the jets fly over…… she come riding, with her crosses flashen, our National Love Object! Move aside Will Rogers! Come on over…… Red Rover!

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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