Rougemont-Habsburg Union

Austria’s Freedom Party has revived Nazi ideas.

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I received an e-mail from Stefan Eins yesterday offering is help with the Habsburg painting. Every year he goes back to Vienna to take care of his sculptors and stays at the palace. He understands there is  Cultural Warfare going on in America and has had a profound influence. His father was German soldier. Why the Schnitzer gallery made no attempt to share ‘The Last Audience of the Hapsburgs’ with the people of Austria is very suspect. If it were not for the Nazi invasion of Austria, there is a good chance this large canvas would be hanging in Vienna. No one, nor any institution, should profit by the ruthless acts of the Nazis.

Seven years ago I entered the Jeanne Rougemont contest sponsored by members of the Hapsburgs. If Alex and kept our appointment, she would have heard Jeanne’s amazing story, that is protected by my copyright. The Rosamond…

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