Penis Wielding Musician

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I am in BAD COMPANY. The self-policing punks hate the press as much as Trump’s beer raping ne0-confederate losers. BAD BEHAVIOR rules the world right now. Religious Zealots HAVE GUNS, and will travel. There is a WICKED MUSE at large. You REAP WHAT YOU SEW. The Free World is coming undone. The grandchildren of the Hippies are consumed by the state of their genitalia, their social allure. These PENIS PACKERS did not vote, or, register to vote, thus, PUSSY GRABBER will be all alone in the White House to do what he will, while his sons sell BIG GAME KILLINGS and photo ops with THE SPAWN OF DONALD.

The SEXUAL REVOLUTION has gone down the toilet. And, now, THE WITCH HUNTS roam the land. THE NEO-PURITANS are being hatched by THE WEEKLY LUBRICATION &INCUBATION. DO-GOODERS up to NO GOOD!

Erica Orday is Burlesque Dancer, Wanda Bones who is associated with the RUE ROYALE. How perfect. Here is one more AMAZING TURN in the LABYRINTH OF SYNCHRONICITY that BELLE opened up when she came at me at KESEY SQUARE. Protecting your penis and your vagina – at all costs – is the new wave! Stay sober, and staying out of the Burlesque Houses, might be a GOOD IDEA. I refer you to the BAWDY ART of Toulouse-Lautrec, and Jim Morrison, who took out his penis on stage, and is now a IMMORTAL.


“Who will buy my incense sticks? How do I bribe the Thought Police? Which way to the Ministry of Love.”

Jon Presco

Posted this on Eugene Weekly. “Greg Presco • 10 minutes ago
This reads like fake news. Are you serious? Because there is going to be cuts in social services, musicians who follow their muse, will now go out on Penis Patrol to catch and punish Thought Criminals? Didn’t Jim Morrison pull his wing-wang out on stage? What would Lenny Bruce say about this? Didn’t we capture the bad essence of peer pressure in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and Orwell’s ‘!984’? This MOB is already punishing a man who has not been arrested, and deserves a trial. When did musicians get involved in ARRESTS & TRIALS? Historically, musicians are the most debauched people on the planet. The ‘Anitchirst’ is now a bunch of do-gooders? How many wicked incidents will the Neo-Puritan Prigs prevent? How will music and the muse be damaged? Go back to making music. Just because Trump won, does not mean our counter culture has to turn to drastic measures. If Trump makes you feel powerless, don’t think a Witch Hunt or two will make you feel less – impotent! Come up with some sane excuses as to why you must be The Band of the Secret Brotherhood, or turn in your axes. There are real musicians waiting in the wings, waiting for their day in the sun.. Follow your muse!”


Portland resident Erica Ordway posted a scathing accusation against singer-songwriter Joel Magid, days after he wrote that he had recently sexually assaulted a woman.

Ordway — who uses the name Wanda Bones on Facebook — never mentioned Magid in her post. But she later told the Portland Mercury the post was about him, and gave permission to publish her name.“First off, yes sir, thank you for being so ‘brave’ and for holding yourself accountable for your actions. Was this post after many people within your community were upset with your actions and called you to come out publicly for what you have done?” Ordway wrote Wednesday night.Portland musician confesses to sex assault on Facebook

Joel Magid has been accused of rape by another woman.

Joel Magid has been accused of rape by another woman.


“You may not even remember me, but I sure as f–k remember you. And seeing your face plastered all over facebook and the internet the past couple of days has given me immense emotional stress. Maybe its time for you to admit there are others, maybe even countless others, you have done this to.”

She said the assault occurred in 2010, but that she didn’t want to “go into public detail” about how it happened.

Ordway told the Mercury she filed a police report against Magid on Wednesday.

Portland resident Erica Ordway posted a scathing accusation against singer-songwriter Joel Magid.

(Erica Ordway/via Facebook)

Magid said in his Facebook post last week that, while “blacked out drunk,” he pulled out his penis and tried to lift a woman’s skirt before a friend intervened. But he denied accusations from Facebook commenters that he had sexually assaulted other women.



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