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For over two years I have been posting the coming showdown in Montana with Dead Artists of bygone days. White Supremists having been making a home in Montana for years. Richard Spencer is not welcome in Whitefish.

Jon Presco

“A number of year ago some people moved into the Flathead Valley, into Kalispell particularly, and moved here because the area was not ethnically diverse,” said Ina Albert of Love Lives Here. “And they wound up creating a Nazi organization cell to create a community here called Pioneer Little Europe.”


One Whitefish group is taking aim at a local resident who leads an organization they are calling a hate group.

“There’s a long definition that the FBI gives of what a hate group is and National Policy Institute fits that definition,” said Rabbi Allen Secher of Love Lives Here.

Richard Spencer, President of the National Policy Institute lives in Whitefish, a fact many residents find hard to swallow.

At Monday’s Whitefish City Council meeting more than 100 Love Lives Here members petitioned the council to ban his organization.

“One of our major goals is to have the city of Whitefish pass a no hate ordinance, that one may not disseminate hate in this community. Organizer Richard Spencer has every right to speak, we all have every right to speak but what I don’t want him to do is proselytize,” said Secher.

Spencer says just because he lives in Whitefish does not mean his organization has anything to do with the area.

In an op-ed earlier this month in the Whitefish Pilot he wrote, “NPI has never been “Montana-based” in the conventional sense. Our corporate charter is in Virginia, and we’ve never involved ourselves in Montana politics nor held a conference here-nor will we.”

“I want to gather as many of my fellow residents to say no, no, no, we do not want a white supremacist organization functioning in our community,” Secher said.

This latest move is aimed at NPI but it isn’t the only group in the Flathead with similar view-points.

“A number of year ago some people moved into the Flathead Valley, into Kalispell particularly, and moved here because the area was not ethnically diverse,” said Ina Albert of Love Lives Here. “And they wound up creating a Nazi organization cell to create a community here called Pioneer Little Europe.”

In total the Southern Poverty Law Center lists eight hate groups in Montana, including the National Policy Institute, four of which are in the Flathead.

We reached out to local law enforcement and the Whitefish City Attorney’s office but they declined to comment.

At first glance the Pioneer Little Europe website seems like it could be the work of the Montana Office of Tourism. Photographs depict the rugged beauty of the Flathead Valley region near Glacier National Park in northwest Montana.

One image shows a young blond-haired girl playing in a meadow overlooking Kalispell, the largest town in the area, with a population around 20,000.

The site also features short news items about the Northwest Montana State Fair and a wildflower beautification program along with Kalispell job postings.

But then there’s this: A scan of a full-page advertisement in a recent edition of the Flathead Beacon, the local paper, with photographs of 47 babies newly delivered in the Kalispell Regional Medical Center. All but one are fair-skinned with light-colored hair. “Wonderful white babies being born in Kalispell,” the website reads. “What do the babies look like being born in your town?” Another item on the Pioneer Little Europe site depicts white families relaxing on the shore of a lake. A caption reads,”This is how white our beaches are, and I’m not talking about sand.”

And that little girl in the meadow? Her name is Dresden Hale. That’s Dresden for the German city firebombed by the Allied forces in World War II, and Hale for the 1990s leader of the neo-Nazi group World Church of the Creator, Matt Hale, who’s doing 40 years in prison for soliciting the murder of a federal judge.

Dresden Hale is the youngest daughter of Kalispell resident and neo-Nazi activist April Gaede, the public face of the Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) movement. Launched in 2008, PLE invites “racially conscious” white Americans to relocate to the Flathead Valley to help create a heavily-armed Aryan homeland.

(Gaede’s other two daughters, Lynx and Lamb, are identical twins who gained widespread media attention by performing neo-Nazi folk ballads as the musical act Prussian Blue. They have since renounced white supremacism.)

The PLE movement has brought dozens of white supremacists to the Flathead Valley. They are increasingly making their presence known by staging public events, openly recruiting and distributing racist literature, stocking up on firearms at area gun shows while dressed in neo-Nazi clothing, working for local anti-gun control and anti-abortion campaigns (according to Gaede), and issuing violent threats to perceived enemies, including Media Matters, which is now under “indictment” for treason to the white race.

The growing numbers of PLE white supremacists in the Flathead Valley parallels a recent influx to the area of ultra right-wing “Patriot” movement leaders and their followers. Their combined forces are rapidly transforming the region into the hottest flash point of right-wing extremism in the country.

Nationwide the anti-government Patriot movement is surging, and the number of racist hate groups has surpassed 1,000 for the first time since the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leading authority on extremism, began tracking white supremacist activity.

Both trends are glaringly evident in the Flathead Valley. Local anti-hate activists have responded to the PLE with several large demonstrations. Meanwhile, local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities, as well as Montana civil rights activists, say that PLE white supremacists are forming ties with newly arrived Patriot group members in the region.

“They’re showing up at each other’s events, and they have in common a great degree of hostility toward the government in general and specifically law enforcement,” says a federal law enforcement investigator with specialized knowledge of extremism in Montana. “Also they’re both openly encouraging individuals with a similar mindset to relocate to the Kalispell area. At this point they are separate but related concerns for law enforcement.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Spencer advocates for a white homeland for a “dispossessed white race” and calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to halt the “deconstruction” of European culture.[7][12][13]

The Anti-Defamation League cited him in 2013 as “a leader in white supremacist circles”, and says that since his time at The American Conservative, he has rejected conservatism, because according to Spencer, its adherents “can’t or won’t represent explicitly white interests”.[14] In a 2016 interview for Time, Spencer said that he rejected white supremacy and slavery of nonwhites, preferring to establish a white ethnostate.[15]

Greg Johnson, then-editor of The Occidental Quarterly, stressed how Spencer’s concept of the “Alternative Right” was to collect a variety of perspectives that are outside the purview of the American Conservative movement:[16]

[Alternative Right] will attract the brightest ‘young’ conservatives and libertarians and expose them to far broader intellectual horizons, including race realism, White Nationalism, the European New Right, the Conservative Revolution, Traditionalismneo-paganismagrarianismThird Positionismanti-feminism, and right-wing anti-capitalistsecologistsbioregionalists, and small-is-beautiful types.

According to a 2010 article by Alex Knepper on, Spencer is an admirer of Friedrich Nietzsche.[17]

Cobb said in an interview that he plans to sell the property at deep discounts to young white couples as part of an effort called Pioneer Little Europe that would create planned communities for white nationalists. According to the Kansas City Star, a district court judge needs to confirm the sales in order for them to progress.

In 2011, Cobb bought land in the town of Leith, North Dakota and announced plans to turn the area into a white enclave. He bought some of the plots in the names of white supremacists, including Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance, Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement and Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network. He flew Nazi flags on his property and sought to acquire enough power to run the town.

The neo-Nazi said other white nationalists have been buying up property as well. “We have property and people in place in the area,” he said. “I’d rather not speak to precisely what we have and what we bought except to tell you it’s a lot more extensive than just this.”

Cobb has been accused of terrorising people with guns and has entered guilty pleas to five misdemeanour menacing counts and one felony terrorising charge. He was arrested in November 2013, soon after attending a National Socialist Movement rally in Kansas City, and spent several months in jail.

Whitefish (Salishepɫx̣ʷy̓u, “has whitefish”[5]) is a city in Flathead CountyMontanaUnited States. The population was 6,357 at the 2010 census. It is home to a ski resort on Big Mountain called Whitefish Mountain Resort. Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer hails from Whitefish.[6]

Huckleberry Days Arts Festival is an annual arts festival featuring 100 artists and food vendors. The event includes a huckleberry dessert bake-off contest.[16] The Taste of Whitefish is an annual event that has been held for more than twenty-five years. The event features over twenty-five restaurants, caterers and beverage companies offering samples of their specialties.[17][18]

The World Indoor Golf Championship has been held in Whitefish for over sixteen years and is a 9-hole “miniature golf” tournament in downtown Whitefish.[19]

David Larson My favorite saying of his is “I don’t want my children going to school with Jews.”

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