Jazz and Poetry at Moe’s in Springfield

My muse saw it coming. She was screaming in my ear! I could not blog fast enough, so I turned some of my blogs in poetry. Here is the racist dude, that Trump and Bannon are tapping their foot to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zlOdZGAWoY

Rosamond Press


The owner of Moe’s asked me, and my friends, to do a night of poetry reading, only. I had read my poems at the Granary four years ago, with Kenny Reed backing me up. His wife, Marilyn sang there, as did her daughter, Nisha. Because there was so much going on in the world, I was blogging like crazy. I found no time to write poems, so I turned two of my blogs into poems and read them while Stone Cold Jazz played in the background.

The Baby-faced Rose is about the woman I interviewed at Black Lives Matter rally. Ding Dong is about Krysta Albert defaming Black Miss Oregon. She got me in a world of trouble with the Choir.


The Friggen Eye of God is about a glowing eyeball.


With no hope of ever seeing Belle Burch again, I wrote a poem she inspired. In Ken…

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